“F** You!” Trans Individuals Launch Violent, Bloody Assault on Canadian Conservative Activist During Rally – Vancouver Police Tell Major Lie About Incident Afterwards (VIDEO)

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Another day, another disturbing incident involving a “transgender” individuals.

A popular Canadian conservative activist named Chris Elston aka “Billboard Chris” was violently assaulted at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, Canada Friday by multiple crazed activists.

Elston posted several videos of the disturbing altercation between him and deranged rally attendees, which happened in a local Vancouver neighborhood according to Fox News.

The first video shows Elston arriving to join a friend who was debating a pro-trans “ally” dressed in camo. As soon as Elston arrived with microphone and camera, multiple pro-trans people attacked him.

One “protester” began scribbling on him with a pink marker.


Elston ends up getting cut on the nose and is bleeding.

A second video captured a far more vicious attack on Elston. The instigator is a deranged biological male dressed up as a woman.

Elston was giving an interview when the psycho approached him starts screaming “”You suck. F**k you. F**K you, you’re not wanted. F**k you. You’re a f**king idiot. F**k you!”

Multiple people joined in the f**k you chants. Then the trans individual violently assaulted Chris.


The police stood around while all this happened and did absolutely nothing.

Then they lied about the whole incident claiming Elston started it!

An independent journalist interviewed the investigating officer after the assault and she falsely claimed Elston was screaming at the activists. The officer also said the billboard signs Elston was wearing incited the violence.

The officer may have been lying to obfuscate a more sinister truth: she thoroughly enjoyed watching Elston get violently attacked by these activists.

Look at these photos. She is laughing and smirking throughout.

Elston announced after the assaults he is planning on suing the Vancouver Police Department for their dereliction of duty.

He also said Tucker Carlson will be interviewing him Monday night to discuss the violent assaults and the terrible response by the Vancouver police. This should prove an intriguing watch.

Let’s hope Elston gets proper justice and the public heat forces the Vancouver police to conduct a real investigation.


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