EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Mayors Team Up with Anti-Defamation League to Assault Free Speech

U.S. Mayors team up with Anti-Defamation League to assault free speech.

Guest Post by Bob Bishop

The nation’s mayors’ incompetent leadership has led to crumbling infrastructure, sanctuary for illegal aliens and homelessness, a catastrophic drug epidemic, and hyperkinetic crime. Cities have become like mythical Gotham City, but no Batman superhero will be coming to the rescue. The mayors’ new solution – avoid accountability by using a scapegoating strategy.

Progressive Mayors Ten Commandments

This month the United States Mayor Conference published the “Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism and Bigotry” (linked HERE) in collaboration with the ultra-left-leaning Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Over three hundred and twenty-five mayors signed the pledge. The Compact has ten components that use the East German Stasi psychological policing to suppress free speech and label users exercising their First Amendment rights as haters and dissidents. Government censorship is used to cover up reality.

The duplicitous Mayors’ pledge “principles of liberty and justice for all” will destroy the First Amendment. They plan on developing brainwashing programs with the ADL, including with public schools. Mayors will encourage residents to report hate crimes using hotlines and online tools. Hate crime data is to be collected and reported to the FBI. The ultimate goal is investigating and prosecuting thought crimes, including social media posts. This strategy is directly from China’s Cultural Revolution Red Book.

Red China’s public humiliations (© Li Zhensheng, Courtesy Contact Press Images).

The Mayors Compact scope of hate crimes prosecution focuses exclusively on individuals or groups whose alleged crimes were committed against preferred racial or leftist groups.

Hate Crimes Typically Are Hoaxes

The news media daily bombards the public with hate crimes and racial slur reports. However, since the demand for racism and bigotry incidents grossly exceeds the supply, hoaxes must be manufactured. As a result, the media ignores their hate crime reporting aftermath when they predictably turn out to be hoaxes. Hyperbole and ideology take precedence over facts and reason regarding hate reporting.

Take, for example, the Air Force Academy sensationalized episode that spun out of control. Five black cadet students at the Academy’s preparatory school reported racial slurs posted outside their dormitory rooms on whiteboards. Without a proper inquiry, the Academy’s Superintendent, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, launched into hyperdrive, denouncing racist attitudes in a speech to the entire Academy. His speech went viral in the national media for weeks. Finally, months later, one of the students admitted it was a staged hoax. The Academy and the press later downplayed it was all about the dignity of cultural respect.

Another progressive tactic, in a giant leap of logic, is to replay public lynchings that occurred over a century ago and that without vigilance, violence will re-occur—another gross exaggeration to further inflame racial tensions and divide the public.

San Antonio Case Study

The Conference of Mayors commissioned the Center for Compassionate and Equitable Cities, a compassion and community healing program. San Antonio’s Mayor Ron Nirenberg (trained by the radical Annenberg Foundation) chairs the committee. The City has developed, at his direction, a prototype six-part curriculum. This a bolt-on program to the Compact to fight hate.

Compassion is an emotional concern for someone suffering and a desire to alleviate that suffering. Unfortunately, progressives manipulate the term compassion to favor racial and left-wing groups creating victimhood status and granting special privileges towards resource allocation. The City uses the first-of-its-kind Equity Atlas towards that goal.

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Nirenberg regularly exploits the term compassion linking it to his various progressive agendas, such as support for transitioning transgender children or providing financial support and a haven for illegal aliens. Should you disagree with his or the City’s agendas, you lack compassion and are a hater.

Compassion is simply a ruse to suppress free speech and label dissenting opinions as hate speech.

Screen Shot: Mayor Nirenberg’s Twitter Account

In his recent Zoom presentation to the Mayors, he claims hate crimes are an epidemic. He has engaged DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the ADL to assist in rooting out domestic extremism. His office is monitoring and calling out hate under the guise of compassion. The City has created a compassionate re-education program to train education, civic, and business leaders to combat hate thought crimes. The outcome will be an atmosphere of fear and will encourage citizens to denounce one another.

First Amendment Rights

The First Amendment guarantees citizens the right to speak freely about their views, regardless if some consider them impolite, offensive, or unpopular speech. Therefore, mayors should promote and protect free speech, not destroy it. Instead, if they accuse you of a ‘thought crime,’ they will strip you of your Bill of Rights. Predictably, City Councils will be passing punitive thought crime laws that financially destroy the accused and take years, if not decades, to overturn in the court system. 

Bob Bishop is a forensic investigator who held a CPA license for over 30 years. His social media accounts are – LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter


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