E. Jean Carroll Sobs From Witness Stand, Spars with Trump Lawyer, “I Was Raped!”

E. Jean Carroll, 79, sobbed from the witness stand and sparred with Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina on Thursday.

In 2019, E. Jean Carroll alleged Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990’s.

A 9-member Manhattan jury was seated on Tuesday to kick off the rape, defamation trial against Trump

Trump has denied the allegations and called E. Jean Carroll a “whack job” who’s “not my type.”

E. Jean Carroll is a longtime Democrat who admitted she wanted to stop Trump because she didn’t like his policies.

Carroll is so crazy that CNN’s Anderson Cooper had to abruptly go to commercial break after she told him rape is “sexy” and a “fantasy.”


E Jean Carroll sparred with Trump’s lawyer on Thursday after she claimed Trump “raped” her.

She told Trump’s lawyer that after she was raped she called a friend and told her about the alleged assault.

Carroll claims she phoned her friend Lisa Birnbach to tell her what had happened and that she was laughing during the phone call.

Joe Tacopina took a quote from E. Jean Carroll’s book where she said Birnbach told her the sexual assault wasn’t funny but she “couldn’t stop laughing.”

Carroll told Tacopina she was laughing because she was full of adrenaline and that she didn’t call the police because she was afraid of Trump.

“I did not want to tell my story,” Carroll testified, according to NBC News. “I was afraid of Donald Trump.”

NBC News reported:

Writer E. Jean Carroll, who alleges in a lawsuit that Donald Trump raped her in the 1990s in a New York department store, was questioned Thursday by a lawyer for the former president who repeatedly suggested her claim was made up.

“You were supposedly raped?” Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina asked Carroll early in his cross-examination.

“I was raped,” Carroll responded.

Tacopina pressed her on details about the alleged attack in the afternoon, asking skeptically about her contention that she didn’t remember seeing any other people on the sixth floor in the lingerie department of a Bergdorf Goodman, where she said she was raped in a dressing room.

“I saw no one on the floor,” she said, telling Tacopina her attention was trained on her conversation with Trump, which she thought was “funny” until he assaulted her.

Tacopina asked why she didn’t “scream for help.”

“I’m not a screamer. I was in a panic, fighting,” she said, becoming visibly emotional. “You can’t beat up on me for not screaming.”

Tacopina said he was not.

“People always ask, ‘Why didn’t you scream?’ Some women scream, some do not,” Carroll said.

“He raped me, whether I screamed or not,” she said, sobbing on the stand while also speaking loudly. “If I was trying to make a lie I would say I was screaming my head off but I did not scream. I did not scream.”

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