Did the DNC Pay TikTok Influencers $210k to support Joe Biden?

Guest Post by Victor Nieves

According to recently uncovered Federal Election Commission data, the Democratic National Committee / DNC Services Corp made payments totalling $210,000 to a social media talent management agency called Palette Media. Palette Media manages over 60 social media influencers across various platforms including many of the young “activists” with the liberal organization “genzforchange.” This agency also represents two of the largest democratic social media content creators on tiktok, Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey.


At first sight these accounts may appear to be nothing more than organic political content made by young activists. Together the two accounts have just shy of 900,000 followers and well in excess of 100 million views. On their social media accounts the influencers publicly claim that “the only reason we do this is because we believe in it.”

Upon closer examination however, It looks much more likely that their content is in fact bought and paid for by the DNC via Palette Media.

Recently, a conservative TikToker known as @political_education discovered the suspicious financial relationship while investigating publicly available receipts on the Federal Election Commission website.

The DNC uses creative accounting in an attempt to hide the truth from the public. Rather than sending direct payments to the influencers, they hide the payments by sending them to the talent agency which then “manages” the influencers who just so happen to peddle democrat propaganda.

This has prompted other social media content creators to call out the scheme.

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The Gateway Pundit previously reported in April that the Biden Administration was set to bring in a “Army of Influencers,”  but many influencers want to maintain their optics of independence. Viewers often take offense to finding out that creators and not expressing their true opinions, but rather the talking points given to them from politicians. After all that would make the creator nothing more than a shill, a political hack. Perhaps for that reason the DNC is forced to get creative with their accounting to maintain the illusion that young people actually support Biden and his failed administration.

It looks like Joe Biden is such a failure that the DNC has to pay people to support him.



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