Democrat Rep. Kate Porter Makes Admission About Her Voter Base in Major Self-Own (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. Katie Porter Saturday night sparred with Piers Morgan and Bill Maher on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Katie Porter accidentally admitted something about her own constituents during a debate about gun ownership.

‘Kids are immature!” Kate Porter shouted.

“Not at 21,” Bill Maher said before being interrupted by Katie Porter.

“21-year-olds are immature! That’s why we don’t let them drink until they’re 21. That’s why some of us don’t think that 20 year olds, that 19-year-olds ought to be able to get AR-15s,” Katie Porter added.

“But they can go fight – they can be in the Army! They can vote!” Bill Maher said.

“I thought if you vote you should have a certain level of maturity – they’re deciding whether you should be in Congress or not,” Bill Maher said directing his statement to Kate Porter.

Katie Porter replied, “By the way, I win those votes… and I’m proud of it!”

Bill Maher interjected, “You just said you win the votes of the immature!”



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