CNN Brazil Shows Video of Lula Minister Helping Jan 8 “Insurrectionists”

CNN Brazil released videos of Lula staffers interacting with “rioters”

CNN Brazil has released video showing staff members of President Lula’s government aiding and abetting the  “Insurrectionist” that stormed the Brazilian capital on January 8, leading to an unprecedented crackdown on the pro-Bolsonaro protestors. Journalist Wellington Marcedo released footgae showing he was framed for an alleged bomb attack.

CNN Brazil released footage showing Minister of President Lula’s Institutional Security Office (GSI), Gonçalves Dias, inside the Presidential Palace, interacting with rioters during the January 8 riots, Brazil in English reports.

Video also shows an Army captain of the GSI walking among rioters and serving them water during the January 8 riots

The video also shows a man carrying a flag of the Landless Workers Movement, a far left movement that is connected with President Lula.

Justice Minister Flávio Dino and Commander of the Office of Institutional Security (GSI) Gonçalves Dias, were warned by the Brazilian Intelligence Agency about the possibility of violence January 8, two days before the protest, Gazeta do Povo reports, citing WhatsApp messages obtained by the newspaper.

Congressmen are demanding an investigation of the January 8 riots and the impeachment of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The acting minister of Brazil’s Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), Ricardo Cappelli, has dismissed almost 90 officials in the last 48 hours following their failure to act against the alleged January 8 insurrectionists. President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva told Spanish newspaper El Paíshe is “convinced” former President Jair Bolsonaro was responsible for January 8, without presenting any evidence to support the allegation.

Fugitive journalist Wellington Macedo, who is accused of plotting a bomb attack on Brasilía airport Dec. 24, says he is being framed and knows nothing about the alleged bombing.

Images of the testimony of the accused, George Washington and Alan dos Santos (not the exiled dissident journalist), were leaked on social media, saying Macedo had nothing to do with the plot.

“It is clear that this was another left-wing ploy to incriminate supporters of former President Bolsonaro, just as they did on December 12 against the Federal Police headquarters and on January 8”, Macedo told the Gateway Pundit.

In testimony before the judge, Washington and Dos Santos make it clear that the journalist did not plan, did not participate and did not even know that the person who requested the ride had the objective of carrying out an attack.

According to Macedo’s lawyer Aécio Palmeira, the police searched George Washington’s vehicle and his cell phone, but did not find any traces, hairs, fingerprints, or messages exchanged between the accused and the journalist. Wellington Macedo’s number was not even in his contacts.

Eduardo Bolsonaro says former Brasilía security chief Anderson Torres, who was extradited to Brazil by the Biden Regine (Gateway reported) has tried to commit suicide in prison.

“There is no reason for the arrest. Anderson Torres already has a depressive condition. They say he has already lost more than 12 pounds. Some even suggest that he tried to commit suicide,” Eduardo Bolsonaro said.  “Why is a person who voluntraily returned to Brazil in prison? Preventive detention is only necessary when there is flight risk, which was not the case. Anderson Torres returned to the country. He is not disturbing the investigations or putting the economic order or public order at risk”´.

A judge in Brazil has ordered the suspension of messaging app Telegram, citing the social media platform’s alleged failure to provide all information Federal Police requested on “neo-Nazi” chat groups. The court order against Telegram follows a series of aggressive moves by the Brazilian authorities to hold social media and messaging companies accountable for what users post on their platforms. Last year, a Supreme Court justice, Alexandre de Moraes, ordered a ban on Telegram because it had not fully responded to previous orders to remove the accounts of a prominent supporter of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

“Brazil now joins regimes like China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and Pakistan where the app is blocked”, Brazil in English reports.



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