Climate Change ‘Activists’ Deflate the Tires of Dozens of Cars in the Wealthy Boston Neighborhood of Beacon Hill

Climate change ‘activists’ recently deflated the tires of dozens of vehicles, particularly SUVs, in the wealthy Boston neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

The funny thing about this is that Beacon Hill is full of well-to-do Boston liberals who probably agree completely with these vandals on the topic of climate change.

You’ll notice that they didn’t pull this in one of Boston’s tougher neighborhoods, where deflating the tires on someone’s car could get you punched in the face or worse.

FOX 25 News in Boston reports:

Group claims it deflated tires of dozens of luxury SUVs in Boston’s Beacon Hill to make a statement

An environmental activist group claims it deflated the tires of dozens of luxury SUVs in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood on Wednesday night in an effort to “render the large greenhouse gas emitting vehicles unusable.”

The group, which goes by “Tyre Extinguishers,” is made up of climate activists who believe “SUVs are a dangerous and unnecessary environmental atrocity, especially in city environments where there are sustainable transport options available to everyone,” according to their website.

The Tyre Extinguishers say they took this action in Beacon Hill because it’s one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Boston to own a house.

“Great action by the new TX Boston group who last night took out 43 SUVs in the Beacon Hill area, one of the wealthiest areas of the city,” the group said in a tweet.

Only large, luxury, gas-powered SUVs were targeted, according to the group. No tires were deflated on electric or hybrid vehicles or vehicles with handicap signage.

The group says it left leaflets on the cars to inform the owners about why their vehicle was impacted, imploring them to stop using their SUVs and switch to public transportation, biking, or smaller compact electric and hybrid cars.

Have you noticed that climate change activists don’t do anything that endears people to their cause or makes people like them?

They deflate tires, block roads and highways and deface famous works of art.

They’re nothing more than a nuisance.


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