Broken City of Detroit Launches Reparations Task Force Which Wants ‘No-Strings Cash’

Like a handful of other Democrat-controlled cities, Detroit is now exploring the idea of paying residents reparations for slavery.

Members of the task force are already recommending no-strings cash payments.

Have these people looked at their city lately? Where exactly are these funds going to come from? Huge swaths of Detroit look like the city was bombed out in a war.

FOX News reports:

Detroit reparations task force meets, supporters lobby for ‘no strings attached, direct cash’

The Detroit reparations task force held its first meeting on Thursday at city hall. The group is expected to provide a written report within 18 months detailing steps the city can take to address systemic racism that effects Black Detroiters. Keith Williams, the group’s executive co-chair, called the occasion a “historical day”.

Another executive co-chair, Lauren Hood, promised that the group will deliver more than just a monetary reward to Black citizens.

“We’re not talking about a one-time payout but a paradigm shift in the kinds of policies and practices that govern Black communities in Detroit,” she said.

Kofi Kenyatta, senior policy director of UpTogether, was invited to provide comment.

“Reparations can mean a lot of things but it must include, no strings attached, direct cash to Black people and systemic change throughout all levels,” he said, as noted by the Detroit Free Press.

“Poverty plagued this majority Black city and has for far too long,” he continued.

Where is the money going to come from?

It’s amazing that this is an American city.

Why are people being allowed to think that the city will be able to give them cash?

There is no cash.


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