BREAKING: Louisville Police Chief Names Victims Of “Suicidal” Killer…Says She Will Only Say Name of Murderer Once [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up reports – This morning, around 8:45 am, a 23-year-old Old National Bank employee opened fire in a conference room on the first floor of the downtown Louisville office, killing four bank employees and wounding eight others; one of the critically wounded is a police officer who was one of the first officers to respond to the call for help.

Police confirmed to CNN that Sturgeon had been informed he was going to be fired and that he had left his parents a note indicating he was going to attack the bank.

Two videos were shared on Twitter by local reporter Dalton Godbey showing police officers clearing traffic from the road near the incident.

Moments ago, Louisville Metro Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel identified the names of the victims of this morning’s mass murder at the hands of a  23-year-old “suicidal” killer.

She explained, “Officers were on the scene within three minutes. The suspect shot, and officers then return fire and stopped that threat.” She continued saying, “The suspect is deceased,” and added, “This is the only time that I will mention the suspect name in this case. The suspect has been identified as Connor Sturgeon, a white male, 23 years of age, who was employed at Old National Bank. His weapon of choice was a rifle.”

Police Chief Gwinn-Villaroel then named the victims of the suicidal bank employee. “We have five total deceased, which includes him, but I want to acknowledge with heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family of those who lost their life today: Tommy Elliot, 63 years of age Jim Tutt, 64 years of age; Josh Barrick, 40 years of age, and Juliana Farmer 57. All four of the victims of the “suicidal” 23-year-old are pictured below.

Tommy Ellis, 63.
Jim Tutt, 64.
Juliana Farmer, 57


Josh Barrick, 40.


“We have a total of nine victims who were treated, and are being treated, at the University of Louisville Hospital; three are in critical condition, including our officer; three, who are listed in non-critical condition, and three who have been treated and released,” she said.

“This is the only time I will mention his name.”

Watch the Louisville Police Officer name the victims in her update to the media:

Please pray for these victims and for their families.

Our nation has a serious mental health issue.

The consequences of COVID lockdowns, the removal of God from our daily lives, the soft-on-crime policies by far-left, George Soros prosecutors and DAs, and the results of public figures like Joe Biden and Barack and Michelle Obama, who’ve been intentionally dividing our nation for over a decade and a half, can no longer be ignored.


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