“THIS IS IMPEACHABLE” – BIDEN BUSTED – Removed President Trump’s Executive Privilege in Order to Raid Mar-a-Lago to Cover-Up His Own Illegal Possession of Classified Docs

Earlier this week we found out that Biden was in on the unprecedented, unnecessary and unlawful raid on President Trump’s iconic home Mar-a-Lago. 

Now we know that Biden was totally behind the raid because he had to remove President Trump’s executive privilege so the raid could occur.  Only Biden could do that. 

Right after the illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago, Attorney Mike Davis went on FOX News. He pointed out that the raid was unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful.  President Trump had the Presidential Records Act that allowed him to take whatever documents he wanted, classified or not, with him to Mar-a-Lago when he left the White House.

There must have been a major reason why Biden and AG Garland would raid the President’s iconic home to take documents from President Trump.  It was suggested that Biden wanted to steal President Trump’s documents that showed the criminal acts by the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and the corrupt DOJ and FBI. The documents were related to the Russia collusion lie made up against President Trump.

Now we know there is more to this story.

This week more evidence came out that Biden was involved with the raid on Mar-a-Lago:

…new NARA records obtained through America First Legal’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Mar-a-Lago raid further confirmed that the FBI obtained access to these records through a “special access request” from the Biden White House on behalf of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

It appears that the Biden White House and DOJ coordinated to obtain the Trump records and perhaps create a pretext for the law enforcement raid by way of a “special access request.”

See more in our article below.

America First Legal: Biden White House was Involved in Mar-a-Lago Raid on Leading Political Opponent President Trump

Memos released last August also revealed the Biden White House worked directly with the DOJ and National Archives to instigate a criminal investigation into Trump’s handling of documents.

Attorney Davis was on Bannon’s War Room Tuesday night and he shared more on this topic that was newsworthy.  Bannon and Davis discussed the various legal cases and actions against Trump and Americans.

DA Braggs’s move against Jim Jordan and the House is unprecedented.  Jordan has every right to request information from Bragg who is using federal money to attack President Trump in the bogus case there.  Jordan is over the target, especially in regards to Michael Colangelo working for Bragg after moving from the Obama and Biden gang to the DA’s office and a couple of months later Trump was indicted.

But at the 11:00 minute mark, Davis discusses the five bogus attempts to get President Trump.  This was an excellent overview.

At this point Davis makes it clear that President Trump had the right to have documents at Mar-a-Lago, classified or not but Biden had no right to have classified records in his possession while he was Vice President.

At the 14 min mark, Davis discusses the Mar-a-Lago situation more in-depth.

It’s very clear – Biden had to waive executive privilege for Trump.  He green lighted Garland’s unprecedented, unnecessary, unlawful home raid on Trump, his political enemy…

Davis argues that Biden wanted to get back documents showing the Clinton, Obama, and Biden connections to Russian collusion and Garland did the raid to cover up for Biden.  Only Biden could waive Trump’s executive privilege.  

Bannon at the 17:00 mark points out that the timelines show The Regime knew about Biden’s issues with classified documents being held illegally and this is why they went after President Trump.

When this comes out there is going to be impeachable crimes by President Biden…he weaponized the Justice Department to go after Trump…This is impeachable. 

Must see interview with Davis below:

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