Actor Jon Voight Calls the Biden Administration a Joke, Urges Americans to Support Trump in 2024 (VIDEO)

Jon Voight is one of the most famous movie actors in America. He is also an open conservative and Trump supporter.

In a recent video, he called out the Biden administration as a joke and urged Americans to support Trump in 2024.

It’s an inspiring message.

Breitbart News has details:

Jon Voight: Trump Will ‘Save’ Nation from ‘Barbaric Left Insanity’ Despite ‘Cruel’ Indictment

Former President Donald Trump will yet “save this nation from the barbaric left insanity” despite the current indictment “lie,” according to Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, who slammed the Biden administration as a “joke” and “disgrace,” as he urged Americans to vote for Trump in 2024 to make America “the greatest country.”

In a roughly two-minute clip posted on Monday, the Hollywood legend began by describing “the worst nightmare” Americans have endured over the last several years, including the thousands of loved ones lost due to the pandemic as well as “the unrighteousness of gun violence due to unfit mentality.”

He also issued a call to “take back” the country’s values, as he expressed hope that change was still attainable.

“Now we must make this war end and bring justice to all, for this is our country of liberty; this is our country that dreams are made of,” he said. “It has been knocked down with lies, deceit, and fear, but, my friends, now is our chance to change this, and we must, for our children and our grandchildren.”

“Let us now take back our liberty, our justice, our dreams,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Republican leaders in the House and Senate could take a lesson from Voight on this.

Conservative Americans need to hear this message and others like it.

The people want to be encouraged and inspired.


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