Woman Dragged Off Plane In Miami For Threatening to Beat Up Passenger, Bite Cops (VIDEO)

A woman was carried off a Frontier Airlines flight in Miami for threatening to beat up a male passenger on Tuesday.

Simone Bryna Kim, 24, of Killen, Texas, told a male passenger she was going to beat him up.

“I’ll beat you the f*ck up! What you trying to be on,” Simone Bryna Kim yelled at the passenger. “I’m going to rock your sh*t.”

“‘If you’re real, show me what’s up. I’m going to beat you the f*ck up on this sh*t, I guarantee you, I guarantee you!” she shouted.


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The police were eventually called to assist in removing Kim from the plane.

Kim refused to leave the plane so everyone was forced off the aircraft, Miami Police said.

Simone Bryna Kim tried to bite one of the police officers carrying her away to the cop car.

Local 10 reported:

According to a Miami-Dade Police Department arrest report, Simone Bryna Kim, 24, of Killeen, caused a disturbance aboard Frontier Airlines Flight 2426, headed to Philadelphia, and refused the crew’s request for her to leave the plane.

Police then responded and asked her to leave the plane and she again refused, according to the report.

That forced everyone, including Kim, off the aircraft, police said.

The report states that after officers informed Kim she was under arrest, she began “pushing, pulling and tensing” and drove her fingernails into an officer’s elbow, causing scratches.

But, according to police, she wasn’t done. As officers escorted Kim down the jet bridge, she kicked an officer and nearly caused him to fall down the stairs, the report states.

Police said Kim also tried to bite three officers who were attempting to put her in a cruiser and attempted to kick officers placing leg restraints on her.

Kim was hit with several felony and misdemeanor charges.

“Kim faced two felony charges of battery on a police officer, one felony charge of resisting an officer with violence, three misdemeanor counts of assault on a police officer and a misdemeanor trespassing charge.” – Local 10 reported.


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