Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Says the GOP is “Open to Everyone” But Yesterday’s Racine County GOP Election Officials Censored Those Who Backed Vos’s 2022 Primary Challenger

The Racine County GOP election yesterday was held in the home district of Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos.  Attendees were kicked out and police action was threatened against attendees who were selectively prevented from entering the GOP headquarters.  This comes after news last week that the county was discriminating against members who backed Speaker Vos’s competitor in the 2022 primary.

Last week TGP reported that prospective and current GOP members in Racine County Wisconsin were being selectively refused membership this year because of their support for Adam Steen for Representative in the district.  Steen ran against current Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos in the 2022 primary in the district.

This year the County refused memberships and wrote “Steen” on the rejections indicating that the prospective members had donated to Vos’s primary competitor Steen.  The Treasurer of the County, who would have overseen this process, is Robin Vos’s wife.  She was up for Treasurer in Racine again yesterday.  Nearly all, if not all the candidates in the County GOP elections yesterday were connected to Speaker Vos.

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Yesterday’s elections were not open to the public.  One local resident who wished to enter the facility to observe what was going on was removed and the Wisconsin Senator who removed the young woman threatened to call the police on her.

On the other hand, it appears that at least one individual from Dane County was permitted to enter the facility.  According to one report, this year’s event was classified as private only.  This hasn’t happened in the past.

The list of individuals who have been denied membership into the Racine County GOP is now at 21.

Below is one video depicting yesterday’s event in Racine County.

Last year Speaker Vos attended the local meeting and he called for a movement that is “stronger together” and “open to everyone”.

Free elections are nowhere to be found in Vos’s Wisconsin.  His GOP is not open to everyone – especially those who run against him.  He talks the talk but his actions speak louder than his words. 

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