Wisconsin GOP House Speaker Robin Vos Calls Constituent “Certifiably Insane” After He Was Caught Eliminating Competitor’s Supporters from GOP

Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos is lashing out at a constituent after he was caught eliminating supporters of his last primary challenger from the GOP. 

Speaker Robin Vos wants to keep his job at all costs.  He will do anything to keep it.

During his recent primary in 2022 a vehicle similar to an ice cream truck was used to capture ballots during the election.  It’s unknown if ice cream was provided to those who dropped off ballots.

After barely winning the primary, Vos went on to win the election and he’s back actions as Speaker in Wisconsin.  Vos did this despite numerous counties calling for his resignation after his efforts to certify the fraudulent election results in 2020 for Joe Biden.

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Recently, it was reported that the Racine GOP was caught eliminating those GOP members and applicants who supported Vos’s competitor in the 2022 primary, Adam Steen.

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Vos didn’t like being called out for saying the Racine County GOP was “open to everyone”.  So he went after the person onsite at the most recent meeting who was kicked out for attempting to observe the vote in the county last weekend.   He called her “certifiably crazy”.

A guy who certifies the fraudulent 2020 election results in Wisconsin for Joe Biden, is asked by numerous counties in the state to resign, kicks out GOP members who voted against him while calling for a more open GOP is calling one of his constituents certifiably crazy.  Just wow.

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