Why Now? Wisconsin Election Commission Holds Sudden “Trusted Election Forum” on Eve of Historic Supreme Court Race

Justice Daniel Kelly and Judge Janet Protasiewicz

Guest post by Jefferson Davis

Oshkosh – Voters in Wisconsin will determine who will be seated on the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, for a 10-year term.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court currently consists of 3 constitutional law and order justices, 3 extremely progressive liberal justices and 1 swing vote justice that sides with the conservative justices the majority of the time
The liberal progressive democrat candidate, Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz, has seen millions of dollars poured into the statewide race on her behalf from outside progressive liberal groups and has promised how she would rule from the bench, which is highly unethical for a judicial candidate, to the point where she has had to finally publicly announce that she will now have to recuse herself from many cases that could potentially come before her on the supreme court should she win the election.
The Gateway Pundit previously reported, in part, on many personal issues involving Protasiewicz including her most recent revelation of using a very offensive word referring to certain ethnic groups in America while she served as a judge over many cases involving these ethnic groups.

SCANDAL IN WISCONSIN: Democrat SCOTUS Nominee Janet Protasiewicz Used the N-Word When Referring to Blacks in Court Cases

Constitutional conservative Justice Dan Kelly (2016-20) is also running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Now, seemingly out of the blue and with very little public notification, the Wisconsin Election Commission is suddenly participating in what is being billed as, “Trusted Election Forum”, on the eve of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race that is being promoted as the most important race in America for 2023 while progressive liberal democrats hope to continue their “reset.”
So goes Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Race, so goes America as far as the continuation of the “great reset” by progressive liberal democrats.
The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the many sticky and messy election fraud examples that have plagued the administration of elections in Wisconsin since November of 2020 and perhaps before.
While Wisconsin is one of the leading states for election fraud questions, we will limit those questions to the following 10 examples here:
After presenting just a handful of the many examples of questions that persist with the administration of elections in Wisconsin, we now learn of the Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff participating in “Trusted Election Forum” meetings on Monday, March 27th, in Oshkosh and Tuesday, March 28th, in Pewaukee/Waukesha, on the eve of the Wisconsin Supreme Court statewide election on Tuesday, April 4th.
When the Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff are desperately needed to make sure the administration of elections in Wisconsin come off without a hitch for this very critical Supreme Court statewide race on April 4th, they are taking two full days to be away from the office to promote their version of a “Trusted Election Forum”?
Why now?
It is widely known, expected and accepted that the Wisconsin Election Commission and certainly their Staff, do not go out in public unless the events they attend are highly scripted and controlled for messaging, optics and narrative.
The “Trusted Election Forum” events in Oshkosh on the 27th and Pewaukee/Waukesha on the 28th are open to the public, but the public is not allowed to ask any questions or interact with the “expert” panelists.
The “Trusted Election Forum” events are being “moderated” by two extremely liberal progressive reporters from the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal and Cap Times.
Are Wisconsin voters being set up for another late-night shenanigan voter dump pushing the progressive liberal democrat candidate to an amazingly unfathomable come from behind magical victory as was experienced in the 2018 Governor’s Race and the 2020 Presidential Election
Is this a diversionary tactic to prepare voters for any potential election day/night glitches?  Human errors?  Voting machine malfunctions?  Running out of ballots?  Keeping polls open longer?  Absentee ballots at “central count” can’t be processed until Wednesday?  Wi fi transmittal issues?
The Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff are 100% funded by taxpayers and 100% accountable to taxpayers and the Legislature.
The details for election integrity supporters to attend one or both of these “Trusted Election Forums” is as follows and their flyers are reproduced in this posting:
  • Oshkosh – Monday, March 27th, 6:30-8:00 P.M., The Culver Family Welcome Center, UW-Oshkosh Campus
  • Pewaukee/Waukesha, Tuesday, March 28th, 6:30-8:00 P.M., Ingleside Hotel, 2810 Golf Road, Pewaukee
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