“We’re Going to Break the Murdochs, They are Corrupt as You Can Possibly Get. They Are on a Mission to Destroy President Trump” – Bannon Releases the Hounds on Murdoch Dynasty (VIDEO)

On Saturday morning The New York Post published an outlandish front page accusing President Trump of threatening violence against corrupt Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg. The New York City DA is the latest Democrat to launch a lawless assault on President Trump.

The New York Post wants you to believe this corrupt NYC DA is the real victim and NOT President Trump and NOT the American justice system!

Steve Bannon did not take kindly to this latest disgusting smear against President Trump – this time from a so-called conservative tabloid.

Bannon announced a war against the “corrupt”, Trump-hating Murdochs.

Steve Bannon: The New York Post. The Murdochs, we’re going to break the Murdochs… We’re going to break the Murdochs. They are as corrupt as you can possibly get, and they are on a mission to destroy President Trump. They turned it into the DeSantis network, for months and months and months, and that’s not working for them. They understand that. The New York Post. The revered New York Post. I love the New York Post. I think it’s the best tabloid in the world. And I say that that’s pretty stiff competition.

By the way, they did an amazing job, and Murdochs and their lawyers did an amazing job in supporting the launch of the Laptop from Hell. They were the only news organization at the time that had the stones to go with that and to understand how real it was and how it wasn’t fake… But what the Murdochs have done, and this is because of the two boys, they have turned it into an anti-Trump killing machine of his political movement. They still want the people to watch the network (FOX News), and they still want the people to read the Post (NY Post), but they’re out to get Trump. They’ve got a once again unacceptable cover…

…If it doesn’t work, and I said this at CPAC, if it doesn’t work for DeSantis, they’re going to change DeSantis out. They’ll go to Youngkin or somebody else, Tim Scott, they’re going to fight this all the way down to the end… If you’re hear to save your country, saddle up!

Via The War Room.

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