‘The View’ Host Reveals She Walks Around Naked in Front of Her Kids, Makes Everyone Visibly Uncomfortable

Things took a decidedly bizarre turn on Friday’s edition of “The View” — and it all began with Michelangelo’s David.

As they often do, “The View” began dissecting the biggest news stories of the day when the topic moved to that of a principal in Florida who had been forced to step down after parents complained about her showing sixth-graders the “David” statue — which does traditionally include a penis (the statue is of a man standing in the nude.)

As The Washington Post notes, principal Hope Carrasquilla was effectively fired after some parents complained that Michelangelo’s work was too pornographic for sixth-graders.

Now, to be clear, there are both merits and demerits about the teaching of Renaissance art to minors, given the often adult-ish nature of that art. Nudity, and all of the many, many things that could entail, is a discussion that requires tons of parental forethought, patience, understanding and nuance.

In other words, it’s probably not a conversation best suited for “The View.”

That, of course, didn’t deter View co-host Sara Haines from adding her decidedly bizarre two cents — even if it meant making her co-hosts incredibly (and visibly) uncomfortable.

You can watch the whole segment below:

WARNING: The following clip contains discussion that the viewer may find disturbing

“It’s literally a sculpture of ‘David,'” Haines said, arguing that there’s nothing wrong with showing kids nudity.

Should parents walk around their kids without clothes?

“Like, we’re all born naked.”

Again, not much nuance there, but hardly anything bizarre or unusual. That is, until, Haines kept going:

“Like, I put my lotions on (myself),” Haines said. “My kids have seen my body. My kids bathe together…”


So incredulous was “View” co-host Sunny Hostin that she had to ask — albeit crudely — for confirmation from Haines.

“Your kids have seen your ta-tas?” Hostin asked.

“Absolutely,” Haines responded, without a smidge of hesitation. “They ask if there’s milk in there.”

During Haines’s response, the camera cuts to an utterly nonplussed Hostin, listening to how Haines’s children ask about her breasts.

Look, from all indications, Haines largely has a loving, healthy relationship with her kids, at least based on a glowing puff piece from celebrity gossip site Closer.

But her laissez-faire attitude toward sexuality and nudity is certainly lacking the subtlety that her children would need when discussing these topics. According to Closer, Haines’s oldest child, Alec, was born in March 2016. Her middle child, daughter Sandra, was born in December 2017. Her youngest child, Caleb, arrived in June 2019.

So that’s three children, age 7 and under.

To be fair to Haines and her husband, Max, they are in a bit of an awkward phase with their kids when it comes to those conversations. Given the age of her children, they’re probably too young to have that in-depth conversation about the human anatomy.

But by that same token, all those kids are probably too old to be seeing their mother prance around the house with nary an undergarment.

Look, what Haines does as a parent is ultimately up to her and her husband. But sooner or later, she will actually have to have an uncomfortable and in-depth conversation with Alec, Sandra and Caleb about the human body.

Just not on “The View,” because it’s pretty apparent that those kinds of conversations don’t happen on that show.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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