Utah School District Considers Banning the Holy Bible After One Far-Left Parent Calls the Content Pornographic

Salt Lake City, Utah – A far-left Utah parent is demanding the Davis County School District remove the Bible from schools, calling it “one of the most sex-ridden books around.”

The parent claims that the Bible violates a Utah law passed in 2022 to ban any books containing “pornographic or indecent” content from Utah school.  The leftist filed the compliant in anger over actual pornographic books with cartoon depictions of sex acts being removed for Utah schools.

District spokesperson Chris Williams told ABC4 they will consider the complaint.

We don’t jump to conclusions, we go through the entire process. We don’t blow off one request because we think it’s silly

The Salt Lake City Tribune obtained a copy of the parent’s request to ban the Bible last Tuesday.

The demand reads as follows:

Incest, onanism, bestiality, prostitution, genital mutilation, fellatio, dildos, rape, and even infanticide. You’ll no doubt find that the Bible, under Utah Code Ann. § 76-10-1227, has ‘no serious values for minors’ because it’s pornographic by our new definition.

The parent then issues the demand to remove the Bible from shelves at Davis High School, calling the it “porn.”

Get this PORN out of our schools. If the books that have been banned so far are any indication for way lesser offenses, this should be a slam dunk.

The anti-Christian parent also took a shot at parental rights group Utah Parents United, calling it a “white supremacist hate group” for trying to protect children from being exposed to sexually explicit material in schools.

Now we can all ban books and you don’t even need to read them or be accurate about it. Heck, you don’t even need to see the book!

Ceding our children’s education, First Amendment Rights, and library access to a white supremacist hate group like Utah Parents United seems like a wonderful idea for a school district literally under investigation for being racist.

The Public Relations Director of Utah Parents United, Corinne Johnson, blasted the false equivalency in an interview with the Daily Caller on Friday. She called it a “political stunt” and said the parent does not understand the law.

It is clear from the petition that this is a political stunt and the parent does not understand the law or the seriousness of the challenge process. None of the passages from the Bible meet the Bright Line Standard for pornographic content. Not every reference to sexual activity meets the criteria for removal from a school library.

Johnson went on to explain that the 2022 law provides clear guidelines regarding explicit sexual content.

If there are descriptions or depictions of human genitals in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal; acts of human masturbation, sexual intercourse, or sodomy; or fondling or other erotic touching of human genitals or pubic region, then it should not be allowed anywhere on the school grounds.

The Bible does not contain this material. A vile book like GenderQueer, which has been banned is some Utah School district, does however.

Facts do not matter to the woke left, though. They just look for any angle to target traditional values.


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