UC Davis Professor Who Called for Cops to be Killed Wants TPUSA Event to Be Cancelled-Suggests it is Time to “Teach Charlie Kirk a Lesson”

A professor at University of California-Davis, Josh Clover, is calling for an upcoming Turning Point USA event to be cancelled and makes the troubling suggestion that it is time to “teach Charlie Kirk a lesson.”

This from a professor on a campus that saw violent thugs shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech on campus in 2017.

Clover penned an opinion piece for The California Aggie.

In the self-indulgent screed, Clover writes, “The Great Replacement Bro is coming here to recruit on March 14, on behalf of an organization openly hostile to education as it exists, and hostile to UC Davis education in specific. There is no moral defense for this. And the hand-wringing legalistic requirement… doesn’t exist. It is worth recalling that confronting Yiannopoulos and Spencer would, it was widely said at the time, play right into their hands, granting them free publicity, free clicks. We know now that the ethical and uncompromising decision to chase them off campus was instead part of a sequence that effectively ended the political careers of both. History is educational that way. And this is a university after all. Perhaps it is time to teach Charlie Kirk a lesson.”

And while he wrings his hands and falsely labels Kirk, Professor Watch List reports on Clover’s very troubling public comments.

Joshua Clover is a professor of English at the University of California, Davis, and specializes in “critical theory, Marxism, political theory, political economy, poetry, and poetics.”

A signatory to the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Clover has compared Israel to Nazi Germany and described it as an “eliminationist ethnostate.” A self-described communist, Clover has cited his world view as justification for the destruction of Israel as a state.

I hope it will be uncontroversial if I say that Israel should be ended.

On a number of accusations, Clover has openly called for violence against police officers. In 2020, he praised rioters for burning police stations, stating that law enforcement’s role is to protect private property and is, therefore “fundamentally anti-black.”

“…the police role in making sure property stays property is fundamentally anti-black, fundamentally white supremacist, and the same time that it’s fundamentally in defense of capital.” 

“Ten days ago, there were 330 million Americans who did not know a single thing; they didn’t know that you could sack a police station…People recognize the police are the source of  their unfreedom, and they fight back against them.” 

Clover was condemned after past tweets and statements in a 2015 San Francisco Weekly interview advocating for the murder of police officers.

“People think that cops need to be reformed. They need to be killed. “What’s wrong with society today?”

UC-Davis has its own troubling history.

The Gateway Pundit reported on a now-deleted Facebook post from The Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission at the UC-Davis about slain police officer Natalie Corona that claimed that Corona was “racist” for posing with a Blue Lives Matter flag.

Students on the campus blocked a campus walkway with arms linked chanting, “From Davis to Greece, F*ck the police!“ After they were doused with pepper spray, they predictably whined about the police tactics and the MSM adoringly covered the incident. But the students agreed to be pepper sprayed.

Just more leftist theater.



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