Two Black Males Attempt to Carjack Houston Homeowner at Gunpoint- Incident then Takes an Unexpected Twist Leaving Them “Bamboozled” (VIDEO)

Houston, TX- Two black teenagers attempted to steal a Houston homeowner’s jeep at gunpoint one January afternoon but failed after an error left them “bamboozled.”

As first reported by Fox 26 Houston, the Houston Police Department released footage of the incident on Friday in hopes of identifying the teen robbers.

The police footage opens with the first suspect sneaking up behind the homeowner and demanding his car keys at gunpoint. The homeowner turns to face the armed suspect and reluctantly says he will do so.

A second suspect then shows up and follows them into the garage.


The first suspect orders the homeowner to hand over the backpack inside the car, probably thinking there was money inside. The second suspect snatches the backpack and takes off but this creates a critical problem:

The keys to the jeep are inside the backpack, which prevents the first suspect from starting the car and absconding with the vehicle.

The homeowner follows the man with the backpack while screaming “what are you guys doing?” The first suspect then gets out of the car and runs off as well.

The homeowner claims he heard gunshots coming from the suspect running behind him. Police say the gunshots caused the second suspect to drop the backpack and enabled the homeowner to retrieve his belongings.

The would-be robbers then jump into a blue car, reportedly a Chevy Camaro, empty-handed and take off.

Fox News reported:

A Texas man is speaking out about his experience following an attempted carjacking where two suspects, one of them armed, followed him home into his garage and tried to steal his car at gunpoint but ended up “bamboozled” and empty-handed.

“They came up on me with a loaded 9mm gun with an extended clip, at least 40 bullets or so,” a Houston homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, told FOX 26 Houston about the January incident where two males ran up on him after he pulled into his garage. He said he believes they followed him to his home from a nearby gas station.

One of the suspects, who is believed to be a teenager, demanded at gunpoint that the man turn over the keys to his jeep which were in a backpack on the passenger seat unbeknownst to the suspects.

Apparently unaware the keys were inside the backpack, the second suspect grabbed the backpack and took off which prevented the other suspect from starting the car. The homeowner then began chasing the suspect with the backpack at which point he heard gunshots coming from the first suspect who was behind him.

“Usually when they say give me your keys, somebody gives it to them right away, and they’re gone. It didn’t happen that way, so they were bamboozled,” the Houston homeowner explained. “They didn’t know what to do. Luckily, it was a bunch of errors, or I probably wouldn’t be talking to you today.”

The complainant started to run after the suspect that had his backpack and heard gunshots coming from the first suspect, who was running behind him,” the Houston Police Department posted on YouTube along with video of the incident. “The suspect that had the backpack also heard the gunshots, causing him to drop the backpack. The complainant was then able to recover his backpack (with all his property) as both suspects caught up with each other at the 3500 block of W. Holcombe.”

The first suspect is described by police as a Black male with a black hoodie and dark pants while the second suspect is described as a Black male, with a black or gray hoodie, black pants and yellow shoes.

Both suspects are said to have sped off in a blue Chevy Camaro.


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