“These Bastards Stole Our Election, and I Will Not Let Them Off The Hook.” – Kari Lake Discusses Rasmussen Poll Results And Upcoming AZ Supreme Court Conference with Steve Bannon – Conference TUESDAY (VIDEO)

Kari Lake joined Bannon’s War Room this morning to discuss the new poll results from Rasmussen showing that Lake likely beat Katie Hobbs by a landslide in the 2022 Midterm Election, which was stolen from Lake and other Trump-Endorsed candidates in Maricopa County. 

Lake also spoke about her ongoing Arizona Supreme Court battle over the rigged election and the upcoming conference Tuesday, March 21. “At the conference, the Court will decide whether to accept review and schedule an oral argument,” states the Court’s order.

When asked whether she would take her election lawsuit beyond the Arizona Supreme Court to the US Supreme Court if necessary, Lake told The Gateway Pundit, “There’s a very good chance that I would. These bastards stole our election, and I will not let them off the hook.” 

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on Rasmussen’s new poll of likely Arizona voters. This poll shows that Kari Lake won by a landslide 8 points against corrupt Democrat Katie Hobbs. Abe Hamadeh also had 49% of votes to Kris Mayes’ 43%, and Mark Finchem, who supposedly lost by 120,000 votes, had 46% of support among all voters to Adrian Fontes’ 43%.

EXPLOSIVE: NEW Rasmussen Poll Reveals That Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake, Abe Hamadeh, Mark Finchem Likely WON The 2022 Election

Additionally, the new poll discovered that 72% of Republicans, 26% of Democrats, and 47% of independents say it was likely that intentional voter suppression against Republican voters occurred when 59% of machines failed on Election Day.

Arizona has zero trust in elections and the officials who oversaw the disaster in Maricopa County. This is why Katie Hobbs refused to debate Kari Lake. Hobbs, the acting Secretary of State on Election Day, knew she was down by double digits in the polls but that it would be stolen anyway.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Rasmussen Reports lead pollster Mark Mitchell joined Bannon’s War Room following the release of the new bombshell exit poll to discuss the findings and methodology used. Mitchell told Bannon the poll was weighted to be “more favorable to Democrats”  by at least two points — and they still lost!

WATCH: Rasmussen Reports Mark Mitchell Tells Steve Bannon “They Elected Kari Lake as The Governor of Arizona by EIGHT POINTS” According to New Poll!

Kari Lake discussed the stolen election and polling results with Steve Bannon, saying, “It verifies what we’ve been saying. An eight-point victory is a landslide.” She continued, “We beat Katie Hobbs, and guess what? Even Katie Hobbs knows it.”

She further commented on President Trump’s numbers in the Arizona poll, saying, “Donald Trump will win here by 11 points if he keeps up what he’s doing right now.”

According to the poll results, President Trump is expected to win the Republican nomination for President in Arizona and dominate in a General Election against Joe Biden by 11 points.

Asked, “how likely is it that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election?” 49% of voters in Arizona say at least somewhat likely, and 29% say very likely, including 68% of Republicans. Even 29% of Democrats believe the 2020 election was likely stolen!

Watch below:

Bannon: Your thoughts ma’am?

Lake: Well, my thoughts are the red wave did happen. The red wave did happen, and they had to cheat, they had to sabotage Election Day, they had to go way out of their way to stop it here in Arizona, and everyone knows it. This just verifies it. I thank Mark and Rasmussen for having the courage to put a good poll out where they actually asked the questions people care about, and you know what else I learned from this poll, Steve, is that people do understand that our elections are rigged and corrupt, and it is an issue they care about. So this narrative that the fake news and the Uniparty try to say, which is, “oh she shouldn’t have even talked about the past elections.” No, nearly 50% of Arizona has thought that the 2020 election was rigged, and I have to look at the numbers here, 55% of Arizonans believe that this current ’22 election was rigged. It is an issue they care deeply about because they know we can’t solve the problems at the border, the problems with our children’s education, and the problems with crime on the streets if we are not having elections where we truly choose who ends up in office, if we don’t have honest elections. I’m really pleased with this because it’s exactly what we’ve been saying. It verifies what we’ve been saying. An eight-point victory is a landslide. We beat Katie Hobbs, and guess what? Even Katie Hobbs knows it. And I knew that Arizonans did not vote to put a man like Adrian Fontes in the Secretary of State’s office. Arizonans don’t want a cartel lawyer running our elections. Mark Finchem won, Abe Hamadeh won, Kari Lake won. And what’s really encouraging about this is that in 2024, it looks like Donald Trump will win here by 11 points if he keeps up what he’s doing right now and Joe Biden continues to drive our country into the ground.

Bannon: You have more steely resolve than virtually anybody I’ve met, and I’ve met a lot of people with steely resolve. You are a hammer. Does this reinforce the fact that you’ve got to take this all the way through the Supreme Court and then maybe beyond because you are the legitimate governor of Arizona, ma’am?

Lake: I am. You almost said California, and Arizona is starting to feel like California with these frauds that are sitting in our state government. We’re going to take it all the way, and as you know, Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court will meet and consider taking up our case. I hope they see the results of this poll and will realize that this is an issue they have to take up. They can’t allow that ridiculous outrageous ruling by the lower judge and the lower court to stand or they will be giving their stamp of approval on the most fraudulent election we’ve ever seen in this country. They will basically if they allow that lower court ruling to stand and if they don’t take this case up, they’re basically telling every election official across the state, in every town, every county, that you don’t have to follow election laws; they’re just suggestions. You don’t have to follow chain of custody laws; it’s a suggestion. We’ve got to have our elected officials that are running our elections follow the laws, and they’re not doing that right now, and it’s hurting our state. 68% of Arizonans want the border to be secured. They don’t think enough is being done right now, and when you steal elections and put people like Katie Hobbs in there, who wants the border to be wide open, then we’re hurting the people of this state. And the Supreme Court needs to take this case up.

Bannon: There’s an acid eating away at people on these elections. They know these things are rigged and stolen, and you can see the anger building. They’re just not going to put up with these elections being stolen. Comments Kari Lake?

Lake: That’s right. I mean, how many more… I think they’ve been stolen and manipulated for a long time, but when you get a populist candidate such as myself or you get a Donald Trump in there, it becomes very obvious. It’s hard for them, they have to go out of their way to rig it in a very obvious way to stop candidates who are actually going to go in and work for the people. And this is why, and I told your audience this before; this is why I had someone show up at my door and say “what will it take to get you not to run again? We don’t want you on the ballot. We just want you to put your movement on ice for a couple of years and don’t run again.” Because I think they’re freaked out at the thought of me being on the ballot again and a Donald Trump being on the ballot again. They’re pulling their hair out going, how much harder Can we read these elections? The people are going to basically say, no, we’re not allowing this again. And we know how they did it now. They went right out, right in front of our faces, it was a highway robbery. They had the machines that didn’t work on Election Day when they knew the Republicans were showing up, and the people of Arizona won’t take it any longer. And so, that’s why I love populism because not only is it good for the people, it addresses the needs of the people, it also makes it harder for them to cheat.

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is currently on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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