George Tanios is a Jan 6 defendant who’s life was upended by two misdemeanors and a vicious defamation campaign led by the FBI and the mockingbird media surrounding the untimely death of Officer Brian Sicknick.

Now he is facing a $30 million wrongful death suit brought by Officer Sicknick’s ex-girlfriend.

Tanios with his family during happier times.

On primetime television Monday night, Tucker Carlson revealed never-before-seen video of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick springing to move the crowd and returning to work after he had reportedly been killed by the blunt force of a fire extinguisher.

Twitter bluechecks claimed the officer’s skull had been crushed by a violent mob, and within days of his death, the US Attorney’s office opened a murder probe and vowed to “spare no resources” investigating.

Prosecutors quickly pointed a finger at George Tanios and his co-defendant Julian Khater, and an international hysteria swept the pages of the popular press and penetrated the consciousness of the courtroom.

George Tanios is a father of three, with a fourth on the way due in May.

But the medical examiner’s report published three months later inconveniently determined that Sicknick had no injuries internal or external and had died of natural causes—two strokes at the base of his brainstem caused by a clogged artery. (For a death to be considered natural, it must be caused by a disease alone. If an injury contributed to the manner of death, it would not be considered natural.)

Prosecutors rolled back the 10 felonies they originally tried to pin on Tanios in exchange for two misdemeanors (trespass and civil disturbance), and sentenced him to time-served. The court acknowledged on the record that neither Khater nor Tanios caused the officer’s tragic and untimely death, and the case against him was closed.

Yet mere hours before reaching the two-year statute of limitations, Sicknick’s ex-girlfriend Sandra Garza dropped a $30 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Tanios, Khater and President Donald Trump ginned up by a team of DC swamp-rat attorneys, and rife with theatrical misinformation. (Read the 47 page complaint here.)

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Garza, who claims to want privacy, on one of many nationally syndicated television interviews.

The entire thing reeks of a money grab.

Although no bereaved loved-one deserves to be harshly criticized, the mounting inconsistencies in Garza’s story and the appropriateness of her involvement are raising some eyebrows.

Garza, who self-reported that the couple had been broken up for six months when Sicknick died, posthumously repositioned herself as his “partner” —and occasionally, quite dishonestly, as his “fiancé”— when the opportunity for attention and money arose.

Garza, who claims to want privacy but seems to constantly seek national media attention, also acknowledged they did not share a home. On January 6th Sicknick asked if she would stop by his place to check on the dogs they once shared because he was expecting it to be a long night. They had joint custody of two dachshunds, but had no children or property together.

In her evolving story, Garza initially claimed she was not allowed to see Brian in the hospital because of Covid restrictions, but later describes touching and kissing him, as he lay dead in front of her. (She makes all the right noises, but tears are suspiciously absent):

Garza cries but sheds no tears during a WUSA9 interview in November 2021, contradicting the story she told CNN five months earlier.

But even more dubious than Garza’s motives are the facts missing from her lawsuit surrounding what happened to Officer Sicknick that day.

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We know that police on the West Terrace repeatedly sprayed their own chemical irritant into their own line of officers, and that Sicknick was at the back of those officers. (The wind was not their friend that day.) Law enforcement-grade chemical spray is much stronger than anything that can be purchased commercially. Will those officers be named in the suit, or does Garza hope Tanios, Khater, and Trump can sufficiently fund her retirement?

We also know that Tanios came to the Capitol with three bearspray canisters in his backpack for the purposes of self-defense, but that none of those canisters were ever deployed. (They were retrieved unused by the FBI, with safety clips intact.) He was thoroughly investigated and exculpated from any accusations of assault. Why is she still so obsessed with him?

Even more damningly, we know from eye-witness accounts that Sicknick’s co-workers denied medical help offered to him by onlookers for what they knew to be an oncoming stroke. Blood clots are deadly but treatable if caught early, and multiple witnesses reported noticing his symptoms. If video is uncovered corroborating these accounts, will these officers also be culpable for Officer Sicknick’s tragic passing—or is Garza just here for the fanfare?

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It’s probable that Sicknick was exposed to chemical spray on January 6th—every person in the area was exposed to the chemicals in the air. But if Garza’s claim holds true that a keychain-sized canister of drugstore spray was the weapon that caused Sicknick’s death, then the Capitol Police are now widely exposed. Those officers used fire-extinguisher-sized canisters of law enforcement-grade spray on unprotected citizens engaged in first amendment protected activities. If her logic holds true, Capitol Police knowingly and unlawfully used deadly force against rallygoers, opening the force up to dozens if not hundreds of civil lawsuits for their actions against peaceful people for and causing injuries and suffering.


Tanios at home with his children and fiancé Amanda.

Carlson’s Monday night video revelation showed that Sicknick was fully functional well after any possible incident that could have involved Tanios and Khater—who left quickly and never entered the building.

That Garza is so desperately clinging to the these two men and their proximity to her ex-boyfriend among tens of thousands and multiple culpable agencies brings more questions than answers.

How much more footage exists that has not yet been uncovered? What else transpired that day and night? What are the real motivations of Sandra Garza knowing that an entire team at the US Attorney’s office, a medical examiner, and a court of law fully exonerated these men from culpability? Is it possible that she is just the latest prop used by the left in their holy war against President Trump, no matter the cost or casualties? Or is she the latest in a string of opportunists hellbent on personal gain at the expense of other lives?

The suit in question has been assigned to Judge Mehta for a jury trial in DC. Unfortunately, we know how those go. (It was Judge Mehta who famously sentenced retired US Marine, 20-year NYPD veteran, and 9/11 first responder Thomas Webster to 10 years in prison after his jury trial for similar charges.)

Will the case be dismissed based on the facts, or will it be pushed through to the next election cycle to continue the false narrative that Donald Trump caused a “deadly insurrection”?

Two regular men—both without a criminal history, both born from Lebanese immigrants who came to this country escaping the terror of Hamas—have been caught up in a nightmare that Tanios has described as an out of body experience.

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Tanios was the owner of the beloved Sandwich University shop in Morgantown, WV—a near-24-hour labor of love that made him a local legend. After spending five and a half months in custody at the DC jail, Tanios was released to another year of home-confinement—forcing him to shutter his business and ultimately sell it, before finally being sentenced on January 30th to time-served on trespass and civil disturbance misdemeanors.


To hear George tell his story in his own words, listen to his recent interview on Justice in Jeopardy:

George has been the very public target of malicious media propagandists, crazed cash-grabbers, and dirty politics for two years, He has one last battle to fight. Please consider supporting him if you can by donating here.



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