The Return of ‘The Myth’: Bolsonaro to Fly Back to Brazil – Lula Fears Popular Protests – 10k Are Expected to Welcome Leader at the Airport

Former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is set to return to the country this Thursday, after 3 months of self-exile in Florida, following the heavily contested Brazilian presidential elections.

The imminent arrival of the undisputed opposition leader – ‘The Myth’, as he is called by many here in Tupiniquim lands – has sent a chill throughout the Lula administration. They fear his presence will ignite a massive popular demonstration.

Conexão Política reported:

‘According to Planalto officials, the Lula government is studying the possibility of closing part of the Esplanada dos Ministérios and Praça dos Três Poderes to avoid a possible motorcycle-ride (motociata) held by Bolsonaro on the 30th (Thursday).

According to the information, the current government thinks that a traditional motorcycle-ride of the former president would be an insult.

{…] There is a possibility that Lula’s Security Cabinet will close the surroundings of the three powers square to prevent a “confrontation or intimidation of the new government”.

[Bolsonaro’s party] is hosting a mega-reception for Brazil’s main opposition leader, expected to draw 10,000 people. On social networks, several profiles are informally calling for supporters to be at Brasilia’s International Airport to welcome Bolsonaro.

Lula fears a giant ‘motociata’ (moto rally) like this one could take place upon Bolsonaro’s arrival. Credit:

Bolsonaro is set to arrive on Thursday Morning at 7 a.m. Brasilia time (5 a.m. ET). He will assume the ‘honorary presidency’ of his party (PL), and is expected to command the opposition in Brazil.

In preparation for Bolsonaro’s return, PL’s president Valdemar Costa Neto made official requests for police reinforcement in the airport area during the morning of Thursday.

The requests were sent to the Government of the Federal District, the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police., and they ask for ‘order and security’ for the arrival of the former president in the country.

Bolsonaro is expected to lead the Brazilian opporition the leftist Lula. Credit:

The timing of Bolsonaro’s return could not be worse for Lula. He leads a confusing and struggling administration, without congressional support.

This week the government is also reeling with internal dispute over the administration’s response to the Federal Police Operation that foiled criminal cartel PCC’s plans to kill Senator Sergio Moro, the former judge that sent Lula to prison.

While the Justice Minister and other officials have praised the operation, saying that it proves that the Federal Police is not partisan, Lula himself made the crass error of saying that he thought the whole thing ‘was a setup by Moro’.

The arrival of ‘the Myth’ Bolsonaro – himself a victim of political violence, having been stabbed in the abdomen during the 2018 campaign – will make the narrative increasingly difficult for Lula to control.

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