“The Biden Administration Is Feeling No Pressure from Congress or the American Mainstream Media” In Regard to Ukraine Says Sy Hersh

According to journalist Sy Hersh, the Biden Administration is getting no pushback on Ukraine from Congress or the Mainstream Media. 

Sy Hersh’s name exploded in the news a month ago when he reported that the Biden gang sabotaged the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Europe from Russia.  This made sense on many levels and had been discussed on the War Room for example, but Hersh came out and said that this indeed was the case.

Hersh was interviewed recently and he discussed his reporting on this issue.

In Explosive New Interview, Sy Hersh Details His Allegations of the Nord Stream 2 Sabotage (VIDEO)

Overnight, Hersh shared a piece on his substack where he asked “Does it take a war?”

This line Hersh explained came from John F. Kennedy in the early years of his administration.  Kennedy wanted to be a great President and to do that he thought that it might take a war to be listed in the group of great Presidents.

Here goes on to discuss how Kennedy began the build-up of US troops in South Vietnam in the early 1960s.  This was the beginning of the war to stop the communist advancement into South Eastern Asia.

Hersh goes on to describe Biden’s actions in Ukraine.  He says:

Our current president, and his foreign policy team, in their unwillingness to seek an immediate ceasefire in the war between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and a NATO-backed Ukraine, could be on the same boat.

The Biden Administration is feeling no pressure from Congress or the American mainstream media about its fervid political, economic, and political support for Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia. But protests and public anxiety over the war are surging in Germany, along with polls showing dwindling public support for Biden’s policy. Last weekend there were noisy anti-war rallies in Berlin, with crowds estimated at 13,000 by the police and 50,000 by the protest organizers. A “Manifesto for Peace” calling on German officials to halt the flow of weapons to Ukraine attracted 650,000 signatures in two weeks.

The clock is ticking.

The media and Congress have ignored the insanity of the war in Ukraine.  Why has there been no effort to come to a peace deal?  Does Biden know no matter what he does, he will always be the worst on the list of worst American Presidents?



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