Tens of Thousands of Dutch Farmers Protest in The Hague: “Resist Much, Obey Little!”

Activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek hitched a ride to The Hague Saturday


Tens of thousands of Dutch citizens came out to protest the WEF-inspired campaign against Dutch farmers on Saturday in The Hague, under the motto “Vote Them Out”. Local elections will be held on Wednesday, as the upstart Farmer’s Party BBB looks poised to trounce the ruling party of RINO Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The Dutch government has made itself the headquarters of the disastrous World Economic Forum Food Innovations Hub and wants to ban the use of nitrogen in fertilizer, bankrupting thousands of Dutch farmers and expropriating their land, in some cases even using that land to house illegal migrants instead.

The Dutch farmers are some of the best farmers in the world. The tiny country of the Netherlands has become the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter just behind the United States. The Netherlands are smaller than the state of West Virginia.


The protest was organized by Dutch Farmers Defense Force and Together for Netherlands, who wanted 5000 tractors to converge on the capital of The Hague in a show of solidarity. Four days before the protest, the mayor of the Hague Jan Van Zanen limited the number to two tractors and threatened to call in the Army against his own people. Nonetheless Saturday’s protest was a peaceful, joyous, family-friendly affair. The Dutch and international media completey ignored it or smeared the citizens as “far-right”, proving once again they are “the enemy of the people” (Donald Trump).


In her rousing speech, Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek said:

“Our country was born out of resistance against tyranny, against Spanish tyranny. Now, almost five centuries later, we are again  fighting against tyranny, against a corrupt and unjust government that excludes dissidents and drives our farmers from their land. Back then, this injustice came from Madrid. Now, it comes from right here, (the Dutch capital) The Hague. And that is the worst kind of injustice. Our government has launched an attack on our own people, on one of  the hardest-working, most successful and inspiring groups or all, the farmers and citizens of the Netherlands!

For centuries, our farmers have supplied food for millions of people worldwide. And unlike what the liars in the capital are claiming, they do so in a sustainable and responsible manner, with great respect for God’s creation. But of course, that’s not what our government is worried about. Our government doesn’t care about nature, about the people, or the farmers. Our government has created a lie to drive the farmers from their land. Everything you farmers own, everything you worked so hard for your entire lives, they think they can just take it away from you. You want to know what I call them? I call them common thieves! And let me tell you: We do not negotiate with thieves. We do not  negotiate with people who abuse our farmers and drive them to despair, who are waging a war against our farmers.

Unfortunately, it is not just our government, but also the so-called opposition, that claim to be fighting for the farmers, but aren’t here today to stand with them. They should be ashamed of themselves. Because if now is not the time to fight back, when is?

“The destruction of our nation and our democracy must stop. You, the Dutch Farmers, are the only ones with enough courage and manpower to put up a real fight against our terrible government. You are our last hope, the last hope for our beautiful country. And that’s exactly the reason they want you gone. But we will fight them. And they will fight us. They will stop at nothing. And, of course, their lackeys in the mainstream media will do everything they can to demonize our farmers, and all of us. But we know better. That’s why we stand firmly behind our farmers. Because we know when they’re done with them, we’re next. And that’s why we will not let this happen. We say no to globalism, no to the sell-out of our country, and we say no to this government. Long live the Dutch Farmers!”

Even Elon Musk chimed in, asking Vlaardingerbroek “What rules do you want the government to change?”:

Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders echoed his famous campaign provocation “Do you want more Moroccans, or less?” by asking “Do you want more of (Prime Minister Mark) Rutte and (Finance Minister Sigrid) Kaag or less?”, prompting roars of laughter from the crowd.

Speaking to Callum Smiles of Canada’s Rebel News, Wilders said that “The real aim is to get rid of our farmers for some leftist Nitrogen agenda to make room for more non-Western immigrants and build houses for them.”

‘There would be no Netherlands without our farmers, without our fishermen”, Wilders said. “They are who we are. They are in our genes. They are in our history. Holland is built on the farmers and fishermen, and everybody has a lot of sympathy for them. Now we get a left-liberal coalition, supported by the extreme left, that say we really don’t care about our identity, our culture, our farmers. They find this nitrogen problem more important. Nitrogen is not a real problem. It’s an invented problem. It’s totally unfair to these families and farmers that have has farms for generations… so it’s not only sympathy for the farmers and the fishermen. The Dutch people sense that they are getting to the core of our identity. Those parties that hate our identity, that despise patriotism and the nation-state, they don’t care. You see today, these are a lot of people for the Netherlands. People are fed up, and I hope Wednesday they will make sure the government will have to step down and we can have new elections.”

Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet displayed a bag of mealworms, saying “This is the food they want us to eat in the future.”

Pouring out the dried mealworms, Baudet exclaimed “No Way!”

“No way will we accept that our food production, our farmers, and our life in Netherlands with our beautiful countryside, we be taken away from us. No way! I stand here, not only with the farmers, but also with the nurses who lost their job because she didn’t want an injection. With the teachers who have to impose transgender propaganda on our children, and the young people who can’t find a house because of ongoing mass immigration. The families who can’t pay their energy bills any more because of stupid climate plans . The old people whose pensions are endangered by the Euro. All of Netherlands stands here. And all of Netherlands is rising up because they have seen that everything the media are telling us is based on lies. The Nitrogen restrictions are a lie… It’s complete nonsense that CO2 is dangerous for nature, and it was complete nonsense that Covid was a terrible danger, too. We are being lied to!”


The Dutch political landscape is due for an upset going into the provincial elections Wednesday, March 15, with the upstart Farmer’s Movement of journalist and ex-Christan Democrat Caroline van der Plas polling at 14% nationally out of nowhere, ahead of RINO Mark Rutte’s ruling People’s Party at 11%.

Wilders’ Freedom Party is currently polling at 9%. Thierry Baudet’s Forum for Democracy falls from 14.5% 2019 to only 3% after a number of scandals, which prompted Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s departure from FvD.

The new JA21 split-off from Forum for Democracy is polling at 6%.



The provincial chamber will elect the new Senate May 30, which can veto legislation and potentially gridlock the Rutte government.



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