Steve Scalise Blasts Biden Energy Policy: ‘He’s not against oil, he’s just against American oil!’ (VIDEO)

Rep. Steve Scalise, the majority whip in the House, blasted Joe Biden over his energy policy this week, pointing out that Biden is not against oil, but just against American oil.

He correctly noted that Biden has begged countries like Saudi Arabia to produce more oil, after flying there on a plane that runs on jet fuel.

Inflation is being driven in large part by Biden’s energy policies. Allowing the U.S. to produce more energy wouldn’t end inflation, but it sure would help.

NBC News reports:

House GOP pushes sprawling bill to ‘unleash’ American energy

House Republicans are set to approve a sprawling energy package that seeks to undo virtually all of President Joe Biden’s agenda to address climate change.

The massive GOP bill up for a vote Thursday would sharply increase domestic production of oil, natural gas and coal, and ease permitting restrictions that delay pipelines, refineries and other projects. It also would boost production of critical minerals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt that are used in products such as electric vehicles, computers and cellphones.

Republicans call the bill the “Lower Energy Costs Act” and have given it the symbolic label H.R. 1 — the top legislative priority of the new GOP majority, which took control of the House in January. The measure, which combines dozens of separate proposals, represents more than two years of work by Republicans who have chafed at Biden’s environmental agenda. They say Biden’s efforts have thwarted U.S. energy production and increased costs at the gas pump and grocery store.

“Families are struggling because of President Biden’s war on American energy,″ said House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., one of the bill’s main authors. “We have way too many energy resources here in America to be relying on hostile nations and paying (high prices) at the pump.″

Watch the video below:

Biden is bending over backwards to appease the climate change obsessed left. That’s who is driving his energy policy.


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