HORRIBLE: Democrat Katie Hobbs’ Press Secretary Calls For MORE VIOLENCE Against “Transphobes” – HOURS After Trans Mass Shooter Murders Children in Nashville

Katie Hobbs Press Sec. Josselyn Berry

The Press Secretary for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs shared disgusting tweets, seemingly calling for more violence, on the same day that three young students and three teachers were murdered by a transgender who kept a manifesto and mapped out her plan in Nashville, Tennesee.

These people are left-wing terrorists.

Hobbs’ press Secretary Josselyn Berry tweeted a gif with a woman holding two handguns, captioned, “us when we see transphobes.”

Berry got ratioed with comments and hundreds of Quote Tweets condemning her violent rhetoric. 

Katie Hobbs mentioned the incident, calling for gun control measures, but she has not denounced her press secretary’s violent threat.

Hobbs must fire her terroristic staff immediately and apologize to the Country.

Daniel “Scarp” Scarpinato retweeted the vile tweet saying:

Scarpinato: This is an OUTRAGE. No question. 12 hours after the shooting in TN, the spokeswoman FOR @GovernorHobbs shared her feelings about what to do to people who disagree w/ her political views: Shoot them.

JUST IMAGINE if this was the spokesperson for a Republican Governor.

It doesn’t matter the political party, this is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. And this is one of the TOP officials in the state of Arizona. Who is covering this?

Where is The FBI when terroristic threats like this are made?

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the highly politicized FBI and dirtbag FBI Director Chris Wray was busy taking a pledge to recruit more women “in an effort expected to advance diversity, strengthen partnerships, and enhance operational success.” This is despite the shooter, Audrey Hale’s last messages stating“I’m planning to die today,” and “THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!”

Hale continued, “You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die.”

Others shared their disgust with Katie Hobbs and her team.


This is the Regime of Death!


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