Shelter in Place Order for Hazardous Material Incident in Lancaster City, PA

A Shelter in Place Order has been implemented for a hazardous materials incident in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania extending half a mile around Kunzler & Company, Inc., on the 600 block of Manor Street.

According to Fox43  the incident involves an anhydrous ammonia leak. Ammonia is a toxic gas or liquid corrosive to tissues upon contact.

Fox43 reports:

Lancaster City officials say crews remain on the scene of the incident but they have now identified the source of the leak and have managed to isolate it.

In a Facebook post shared by the city, they say the leak is located inside the plant and is now contained.

Hazmat crews continue to monitor the air in the surrounding areas.

Officials say there is no immediate threat to the public but the shelter-in-place remains in effect for now.

So far there are no reports of injuries.

The City of Lancaster shared the following on Facebook:

The City of Lancaster is sharing the following from the Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency on behalf of Kunzler and Haz-Mat:
First responders remain on scene for an ammonia leak at Kunzler Meat Company. At this time first responders have identified the source of the leak and isolated the leak. Media reports that an ammonia leak was related to a truck accident were incorrect. A leak was located within the plant and has been subsequently contained.
First responders are actively conducting air monitoring in the area immediately surrounding Kunzler Meat Company. There is no immediate threat to the public and no injuries have been reported. The shelter in place order is still in effect as of 1:00PM.
Image:City of Lancaster, PA/Facebook


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