“(She) Is Truly Like No One Else”: Fetterman Staff Promotes Firefighter Gisele While Senator Wastes Away in Psych Ward at Walter Reed Hospital

While their boss Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) wastes away in the psych ward of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland where’s he’s been for the past three weeks incommunicado while suffering from depression and damage from last year’s stroke, Fetterman’s staff spent Tuesday afternoon promoting wife Gisele Fetterman in her new role as volunteer firefighter. Hey, a girl’s gotta do something with her free time with her husband out of town all the time now.

Pittsburgh news outlet WTAE-TV spotted Gisele at the scene of a three-alarm apartment building blaze on Tuesday. Curiously, the video featuring Gisele was not posted by WTAE to any of it’s platforms, yet somehow a former Fetterman campaign staffer Rebecca Katz posted the video. Could Fetterman’s campaign staff have sent it to her with an ask to post? That’s how things work in D.C.

Katz posted the video with a gushing comment praising a woman who helped drive her husband into self-ruin, “Never underestimate ⁦⁦
@giselefetterman⁩. She really can do it all. 🔥”


Fetterman’s spokesman Joe Calvello then re-posted the video with the comments, “Watch till the end for the best surprise you’ll see all day…@giselefetterman is truly like no one else.”

The video was also retweeted by Fetterman’s chief of staff Adam Jentleson and comms staffer Nick Gavio.

Jentleson released staged photos of a gaunt looking Fetterman on Monday.

Gisele became a member of Rivers Edge 113 in her hometown Braddock, in the Pittsburgh area, last December.


John Fetterman posted his support back then.

Being a volunteer firefighter is all well and good. But when your husband is wasting away and struggling to function, one would hope the priority in the marriage would her husband. But not for Gisele, who has been living her ‘best life’ since he was hospitalized February 15 for clinical depression because he had become a danger to himself and was unable to feed or hydrate himself properly. When John was hospitalized for the second time in February, Gisele boasted online that she took their kids on a ziplining adventure in Canada instead of rushing to her dangerously ill husband’s side. Gisele finally spent a few days at Walter Reed in late February but then hightailed it back to Braddock.


John Fetterman has been incommunicado since February 15. It was only on Monday that his staff released photos (but no video) of a severely malnourished looking Fetterman taken at Walter Reed who appears to have dropped maybe 80 pounds in the two months since he was sworn in as Senator on January 3rd.

Speculation is rampant that Gisele would take her husband’s Senate seat when the time comes. At least she is healthy enough for the job.

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