REALLY? Joy Behar of ‘The View’ Claims She Talks to Trump Supporters Who Approach Her at the Grocery Store (VIDEO)

Joy Behar of ‘The View’ claimed on the show this week that she sometimes gets approached at the grocery store by Trump supporters, and that she tries to talk with them.

Does anyone believe that Joy Behar does her own grocery shopping at some supermarket? Perhaps more importantly, does anyone believe that Joy Behar would want to engage in some serious dialogue about politics with strangers who voted for Trump? In a public place? Really?

Joy Behar is one of most anti-Trump hosts on ‘The View’ and even in media in general, and that’s saying something.

This is a woman who pushed the Russia collusion hoax and just a few weeks ago, blamed the people of East Palestine, Ohio for the train disaster there because they voted for Trump.

But now we’re supposed to believe she chats with Trump supporters?

Transcript via NewsBusters:

SUNNY HOSTIN: What was funny to me is that Joy – Joy, you have never ordered from Instacart.


ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN: You like the grocery store?

BEHAR: I do. I enjoy a supermarket.

HOSTIN: I don’t like a supermarket. I haven’t been in a supermarket since COVID – for about three years. That’s when I discovered Instacart. And I give them a big tip because they don’t always pay their people well. And it’s – So, that’s been an issue I think for the company. But man, you can get toiletries, you can get fire logs, you know, those big Bounty towels you don’t want to carry.

BEHAR: Yeah. I order those from Costco.

HOSTIN: Somebody else goes!

SARA HAINES: That’s such an enjoyable trip though!

HOSTIN: You can get stuff from Costco delivered to your house.

BEHAR: I do have a lot of things from Costco, but I like to meander around a supermarket. Do I want this particular type of thing? Do I want tuna fish?

FARAH GRIFFIN: Do you get stopped a lot in the grocery store?

BEHAR: Only by Trump supporters.


FARAH GRIFFIN: Never fans. Only [trails off in laughter]

HOSTIN: And they actually talk to you?

BEHAR: Yes, and I talk to them. I say why exactly do you like him? I’m interested to know why they like him. And then they give me Fox News and then I walk away and go shopping. [LAUGHTER] But I like to engage people who disagree with me.

HOSTIN: Well, that’s true.

HAINES: In the grocery store? That’s a peaceful visit for me.

BEHAR: What are they going to do, hit me with a mozzarella?

Here’s the video:

Sounds totally believable, doesn’t it?

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