Putin Meets with Xi Jinping – Announces Plans for New Emerging Global World Order – RUSSIA ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR CHINA – in Taiwan “Unification”

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow today for a three-day state visit.  The two powers will discuss the War in Ukraine, strengthening ties, and the emerging global world order.

The two are expected to announce solidarity against Western hegemony.

The current lack of US leadership on the international stage opened the door for this Russo-Chinese alliance.

The meetings took place as Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as China’s largest oil supplier.

As Joe Biden and Democrats work diligently to decimate the US energy sector, China, Russia, and others move forward with realistic energy planning.

The pro-Russian GraphicW is reporting on the meetings today.

Judging by the news coming out and what Putin and figures in the Russian government are discussing, much of the topic of meetings between Putin and Xi Jinping will be the shift to the multi-polar world…

Africa will be one of the leaders of the emerging multipolar world order— Putin

Putin: “African states are constantly increasing their weight and their role in world affairs, increasingly asserting themselves in politics and economics.We believe that Africa will be one of the leaders of the emerging multipolar world order. There are all the objective prerequisites for this. African countries want to pursue an independent and sovereign foreign and domestic policy and resolve their sometimes difficult problems independently. Russia and African countries defend the traditional moral norms and social foundations of our peoples and oppose the neo-colonial ideology imposed from outside. By the way, many states in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America adhere to similar positions. And all together we make up the world majority. I have already said more than once that our country is determined to continue building a strategic partnership with African friends in the full sense of the word”

Putin is offering free grain to Africa and is writing off their debt.

Putin announces that Russian and countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America oppose the neo-colonial ideology and they are the majority!
Via GraphicW.

Statements by Vladimir Putin at the Second International Parliamentary Conference “Russia-Africa in a Multipolar World”:

Putin: I would like to add something else. If we still decide not to extend the Ukrainian-UN grain deal after 60 days, we are ready to supply the entire volume that was previously sent to the particularly needy countries in Africa from Russia to these countries for free. All the grain products that should’ve gone to Africa were stolen by the Europeans. Now, in case the grain deal is not extended once again, Russia will supply the exact amount of grain that the African countries should have received to them free of charge.

– Russia is conscientiously fulfilling its obligations to supply food, fertilizers, and fuel to Africa;

– Moscow insists on the package nature of the “grain deal” and full compliance with key Russian requirements.

– The West obstructs Russia’s attempts to donate fertilizer shipments for free;

– The Russian Federation insists on the full execution of the “grain deal” As the grain products are not sent to well-fed countries; now only 3% has gone to Africa;

– Depending on the full execution of the “grain deal,” the issue of its further work (issue of further extension) will be decided;

– Putin invited African leaders to the summit in Russia in July.

– The partnership between the Russian Federation and African countries has gained additional momentum and is reaching a new level;

– Russia has always given priority to cooperation with African countries and will continue to do so

– Putin is convinced that Africa will become one of the leaders of the multipolar world order;

– African countries strive to pursue an independent policy against the background of turmoil in the world;

– Russia and the countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America oppose neo-colonial ideology and together make up the world majority

– The Russian Federation wrote off the debt for African countries in the amount of more than $ 20 billion;
The Russian Federation will continue to help Africa in matters of electricity and expand the energy systems there.

Russia announced its support for the “reunification” of China and Taiwan!

Vladimir Dzhabarov, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s International Relations Committee, said on Monday’s episode of Rossiya-24 television that Russia hopes Taiwan will peacefully rejoin China, according to Russian news agency TASS.

“This is a single territory. We are not talking about Taiwan’s sovereignty: It’s the territory of the People’s Republic of China. We hope that Taiwan’s reunification with China will take place peacefully sooner or later,” Dzhabarov said.

The lawmaker asserted that Russia will always support mainland China and agrees with every position Beijing takes toward Taipei.

“The Chinese will work this out sooner or later. Hopefully, peacefully,” he added.

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