President Trump’s Lead in FOX News Poll Grows Despite Best Efforts from Anti-Trump Hosts

President Trump took a commanding lead in the most recent FOX News poll.  This is despite the leadership and hosts at FOX trying to take him down. 

The latest FOX News poll shows President Trump with a more than 50% lead in a poll of top GOP candidates for President in 2024.  No one is even close.  After a pathetic response to the corrupt Manhattan DA’s attempt to charge Trump with totally bogus charges, DeSantis had a bad week.

The latest FOX News Poll shows President Trump way ahead in the race for President.

This is despite the corrupt and criminal acts of NY DA Braggs and the media’s efforts to destroy Trump.

President Trump held a rally for his campaign in Waco, Texas on Saturday and an estimated 25,000 people showed up.  At no time in US history did a campaign receive so much support so long before the first primary.

FOX News is not on the Trump train and hasn’t been since before the stolen 2020 Election.  Many of the hosts don’t like President Trump and never have.  Just a few days, ago Fox host Eric Shawn was called out by Democrat Rod Blagojevich.


FOX and Friends host Brian Kilmeade went after President Trump this weekend.  It was awful. He condemned President Trump for standing up for the victims of January 6 who were killed, beaten, arrested on bogus charges, jailed for years with no court dates for walking into the Capitol, placed before corrupt Obama judges and biased juries and imprisoned for years.

Kilmeade has lost his ability to see through the liberal smoke of lies.

President Trump is not hated by those who are destroying this country because he is off-topic.  He is hated because he is over the target.  We have to get this country fixed or it is over. 

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