OUTSTANDING! Kari Lake Appears to Take Swipe at Ron DeSantis After His Statement on Trump Indictment Doesn’t Mention Trump by Name

Kari Lake spoke out yesterday against the indictment and political persecution of President Donald J. Trump and later appeared to take a shot at Ron DeSantis for his smugness on the issue.

Lake tweeted last night, “if your consultants are going to write a statement about President Trump being indicted, please make sure they have the decency to use his name.”

She did not call DeSantis out by name, which is fitting given the circumstances.

As The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued a statement on the reported indictment of President Trump by a Manhattan grand jury in the alleged Stormy Daniels hush money probe–but didn’t even mention Trump by name.

“Florida will Not Assist in an Extradition Request” DeSantis Statement on Trump Indictment

He likely did not mention President Trump because the negative media coverage continues to help Trump’s favorability.

Lake also tweeted a meme of President Trump laughing at the newspapers for their backfired attempts to destroy his image.

Previously “Ron DeSanctimonious” took a swipe at President Trump after finally responding to reports that a corrupt Soros-backed DA who lets criminals go in New York was planning on arresting President Trump on bogus charges–two days later. Many thought it was tacky and uncalled for, and ever since Ron did this, he has lost respect and is sinking in the polls.

His response to federal thugs coming into his state of Florida to arrest President Trump was four lines–enough to fit in one tweet.

Compare this to the statement by Kari Lake, who wrote a whole page, defending “the 45th and 47th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump,” and slamming the deep state for targeting an innocent man.

“You want to beat President Donald Trump? Get more votes than him in November 2024… I unequivocally stand beside President Donald J. Trump and in defense of the rule of law,” said Lake.

“The Only Crime That Donald Trump Committed was Beating Hillary Clinton” – Kari Lake Speaks Out Against SHAM Trump Indictment

Unlike Ron, Kari Lake has faced stolen elections, genuine mainstream media harassment, and threats of political persecution. She understands what they are doing to President Trump because she’s been through it all!

Ron DeSantis recently sat down with Newsmax host Eric Bolling and said he is not interested in being Vice President, stating, “I think I’m probably more of an executive guy.” President Trump put the idea to bed last Friday, telling Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt that he’s never even thought about picking DeSantis as a running mate and “that would be a very unlikely alliance.”

Kari Lake would be a much better choice for a running mate if the corrupt courts refuse to do the right thing and overturn the stolen election for Arizona Governor. According to the recent CPAC 2023 straw poll, Conservatives agree!

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