Must See: Pfizer is Unable to Finish Press Conference Because their Spokespeople Keep Collapsing – Hysterical Parody Video by The Babylon Bee

Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies over the past three years have made billions in profits off COVID vaccines while dismissing credible concerns over side effects.

Individuals around the world, especially young people, have suddenly collapsed and died after taking the shot. Yet the corporate media and Big Pharma ignore this.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on this for years now.  The numbers are staggering.

The Babylon Bee decided to turn the tables on Pfizer in a parody video released Thursday. The scenes show Pfizer spokespeople collapsing over and over during a press conference.

The parody is more edgy than anything SNL has put out in years.

The video opens with a Pfizer spokesperson named “Pat Farabi” calling claims of side effects resulting from the COVID vaccine “ridiculous” and says people need to “look at the science.”

He then attempts to say he’s been boosted four times but suddenly collapses before finishes his final word.

A spokeswoman next jumps to the mic to finish his statement. She then asserts that any claims about vaccines having side effects are a “right-wing conspiracy, bolstered by MAGA Republicans, hate groups, and probably Russia.

She then tries to say “would we vaccinate 7 billion people if there were any side effects” but suddenly collapses like “Farabi” before finishing her final word.

Another spokesman steps up to the mic and finishes her thought. Then, like the spokeswoman, he fails to finish his final word before collapsing.


The pattern repeats itself until there are no spokespeople left.

The only person in the video who does not fall down is the janitor, who is not vaccinated. He says he is unvaccinated because he wants to live.

The video concludes with him stepping outside the conference room while trying to sweep. The bodies of the spokespeople are lying on the floor and in his way.

The janitor grumbles at first about why he put them there. Then he quickly makes peace with his decision, concluding he does not get paid enough.

He next reveals the spokespeople are all dead. “Look at these dumb dead bodies,” he says.

They all “died suddenly.”


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