Michigan Bans Chinese App TikTok From State Devices But Governor Gretchen Whitmer is Exempted

States across the country are banning TikTok from government devices because it’s basically a spy app for the Chinese Communist Party.

In Michigan, the state has banned the app from state devices, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer is exempt from the ban, because of course she is.

Her office claims it needs the app in case she needs to share important information, but that’s total baloney as you’ll see below.

OutKick reports:


The state of Michigan quietly blocked the Chinese-owned TikTok app from state-owned devices.

The ban includes exceptions for law enforcement, cybersecurity, and promotional purposes. The ban also exempts Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

In February, Whitmer explained that “whether we like it or not, that is [TikTok] is a tool for disseminating important information.”

Luckily, the exemption allows Whitmer to continue “disseminating the important information” to which she refers…

Jayson Cavendish, Michigan’s acting chief security officer, tells MLive that Whitmer uses a”secure device that has never been on the state’s network nor connected to the state’s wireless environment” to post her dances.

Translation, Lockdown Lady uses a burner phone to which China has access.

This is what Whitmer does with TikTok. Looks pretty important, doesn’t it?

Typical Democrat. Do as I say, not as I do.


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