Michael Cohen’s Former Legal Advisor Calls Cohen a “Convicted Perjurer” – Reveals How Grand Jurors Reacted to His Testimony (VIDEO)

Michael Cohen’s former legal advisor Robert Costello on Monday attacked his ex client in front of the Manhattan courthouse.

Robert Costello on Monday appeared before the Manhattan grand jury investigating Trump’s so-called ‘hush payment’ to Stormy Daniels.

In January the Manhattan District Attorney’s office revived its criminal investigation into Trump’s ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stephanie Clifford, AKA, Stormy Daniels and elevated the case from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Trump has been accused of paying Daniels ‘hush payments’ through his then-attorney Michael Cohen in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

Robert Costello said he appeared before the grand jury to set the record straight since Michael Cohen is a pathological liar.

Costello blasted Michael Cohen as a “convicted perjurer” in remarks to reporters in New York.

Recall, Michael Cohen was previously sentenced to 36 months in prison for lying to Congress, campaign finance violations and tax evasion charges related to his taxi medallion business.

“Michael Cohen is far from solid evidence,” Costello said.

One reporter asked Costello if he thinks he convinced the grand jury against indicting Trump.

Costello said he doesn’t know but he saw a few jurors shaking their heads “yes” agreeing with his assertion that Michael Cohen is a liar.

The prosecutors “cherry picked” 6 emails, Costello said.

Costello said Trump NEVER directed Michael Cohen to pay Stormy Daniels.


Recall, Michael Cohen’s other former lawyer Lanny Davis said Cohen has no evidence that Trump directed him to pay Stormy Daniels.

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