Mexico’s Socialist President Lopez Obrador Threatens to Interfere in American Elections – Announces Plan to Ensure “Not One Vote” Goes to Republicans

Democrats love decry foreign election interference when they think it’s detrimental to them. They particularly have an obsession with Russia.

But do not count on Democrats to call out election meddling from our “friend” Mexico, however. This is the kind of interference they can get behind because of an opportunity to ensure a permanent Democrat majority in America.

Far-left Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has a plan to help make their dreams a reality.

Lopez Obrador on Thursday threatened to meddle in American elections and indoctrinate Hispanic citizens against the Republican Party.

“Starting today we are going to start an information campaign for Mexicans who live and work in the United States and for all Hispanics to inform them of what we are doing in Mexico and how this initiative by the Republicans, in addition to being irresponsible, is an offense against the people of Mexico, a lack of respect for our independence, our sovereignty,” he said.

“And if they do not change their attitude and think that they are going to use Mexico for their propaganda, electoral, and political purposes, we are going to call for them not to vote for that party, because it is interventionist, inhumane, hypocritical, and corrupt,” Lopez Obrador said, later adding that Mexico would be insisting that “not one vote” goes to Republicans from Mexicans and Hispanics.

As reported by Fox News, the Mexican president made this disgusting threat in response to Republicans calling for action, including military action, to stop fentanyl from pouring into America.

Lopez Obrador then lied by claiming that fentanyl was not produced in Mexico and told Americans “it’s your problem.”

The overwhelming majority of fentanyl is produced in Mexico using precursor chemicals imported from China and then smuggled into the U.S. As the Associated Press points out, the Mexican government previously acknowledged this basic fact.

Lopez Obrador has coddled the drug cartels for years. After becoming president in 2018, he adopted a “hugs not bullets” approach to the terrorists.

The Mexican president claims the way to tackle terrorism is by spending taxpayer money on alleviating poverty, not by punishing the violent thugs responsible.

The “Hugs not bullets” strategy started by Obrador has fueled the Mexican Drug War and caused drugs to flow into the United States. This has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans, particularly in white-working class communities.

Instead of accepting responsibility, he has doubled down on failure and now wants to punish Republicans for correctly criticizing him just to soothe his fragile ego.

With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?

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