Manhattan DA Chief Assistant Meg Reiss LOCKS DOWN Her Twitter Account – Then DELETES Twitter Account After TGP Exposes Her Unhinged Anti-Trump Tweets

Early on Thursday morning, The Gateway Pundit released a report that did a deep dive into Alvin Bragg’s Chief Assistant District Attorney Meg Reiss’s Twitter Account.

In the report, it was discovered Reiss liked several anti-Trump tweets that called for Americans to “Dump Trump”,  “drive out everything he (Trump) represents” and more.

She also retweeted a video of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries calling for Democrats to put “Maturity over Mar-a-Lago.”

Just a few hours after the report was released, Meg Reiss locked her Twitter account.


It didn’t end there though, Reiss proceeded to delete her entire account.

When you search for her Twitter handle @MegGreiss now, this is what shows up:


The move by Reiss to nuke her Twitter account is a major red flag and is  added proof the Manahan DA’s case against Trump is a political stunt.

If you haven’t already make sure to read the original report.


EXCLUSIVE: Meg Reiss’s Twitter Account Exposed – Alvin Bragg’s Chief Assistant District Attorney Who Is Allegedly Running the Office – Is a Raging Trump-Hater and Not Shy About It


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