Man Sues Buffalo Wild Wings Over Their “Boneless Wings” – Claims He Suffered “Financial Injury” (VIDEO)

Chicago, Ill.- An Illinois man has filed a lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW), saying their boneless wings are actually chicken nuggets.

WGN obtained court documents showing that Aimen Halim of Chicago filed the complaint Friday in the U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois against BWW and Inspire Food Brands. The complaint says Inspire Brands Inc., an Atlanta company, “is responsible for the composition, preparation, advertising, marketing and sale of” Buffalo Wild Wings products.”

“This clear-cut case of false advertising should not be permitted, as consumers should be able to rely on the plain meaning of a product’s name and receive what they are promised,” according to the lawsuit.


The Blaze reported that Halim alleged the wings sold at BWW are actually “slices of chicken breast meat deep-fried like wings.”

Halim says he purchased the wings back in January without realizing what they are made of. He alleges he suffered financial injury as a result.

“As a result, Mr. Halim suffered a financial injury as a result of Defendants’ false and deceptive conduct” the lawsuit claims.

Halim goes on to claim in his lawsuit if patrons realized the wings were made of chicken breast meat, they would pay less or not buy the product at all.

As noted by WGN, Halim says in his lawsuit fast food restaurant chains like Papa Johns and Domino’s sell products like BWW’s boneless wings, but use different names.

At Papa Johns, the “wings” are called “Chicken Poppers.” At Domino’s, they are called “boneless chicken.”

The suit goes on to cite a 2009 article from the New York Times explaining how the practice of selling boneless wings became more popular. The article says the selling of boneless “wings” arose from the rising costs of actual chicken wings and the declining cost of chicken breasts.

Halim is officially suing for false and deceptive business practices in addition to other claims.


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