Mad Maxine Waters Claims President Trump is Trying to “Organize His Domestic Terrorists” by Calling for Protests (VIDEO)

As the Gateway Pundit reported, President Donald Trump revealed Saturday morning that he will be arrested Tuesday and called for protests in response to the injustice.

TGP’s Jim Hoft reported that this travesty is being carried out by far-left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is using stripper Stormy Daniels to take down the former president.

While many Democrats and the media are gloating over the possibility of Donald Trump being placed in handcuffs, others are throwing a fit over Trump telling his supporters to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Rep. Maxine Waters (Socialist-CA) has likely suffered the biggest meltdown so far. She went on MSNBC Saturday to give her “analysis” regarding Trump’s possible arrest.

Here is what she said:

He should be arrested. He should be indicted.

And the charges that he’s being indicted on are minimal, as opposed to the charges that I believe he could have been indicted on.

I don’t know what’s going to happen when he announces himself. It’s almost like he’s attempting to organize his domestic terrorists to show up and to resist him being arrested.


Trump often says “they’re not after me, they’re after you.” The ultimate goal for Waters and her fellow travelers is not throwing Trump in jail, but killing the MAGA movement for good.

The radical left wants nothing more than an opportunity to throw more Trump supporters in the gulags just like the January 6th protesters. It’s imperative not to take the bait when they try to infiltrate potential protests and provoke violence.


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