JUST IN: Senate Overwhelmingly Votes to Block DC’s Criminal Code Bill That Reduces Penalties For Murders, Carjackings – Warnock Votes “Present”

The Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted to block the DC council’s criminal code bill that would reduce penalties for murders and carjackings.

The Senate voted 81-14, with Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock voting “present.”

Joe Biden will not veto this resolution.

Biden actually agreed with the Republicans who vowed to block the criminal code overhaul.

173 House Democrats backed the new law that reduces the penalties for murder and sexual assault.

Fox News reported:

The Senate voted 81-14 on Wednesday to block the Washington, D.C. city council’s dramatic overhaul of its criminal code that Republicans and many Democrats complained would ease criminal penalties in a city that is already suffering from rising crime rates.

In the final vote, only 14 Democrats voted against the resolution aimed at reversing the D.C. law, which was originally the product of the House’s new Republican majority. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. and most other Democrats voted to kill the D.C. crime law.

Once the resolution is signed by the president, as is expected, it will mark the first time Congress has acted to roll back DC’s own self-imposed regulations in more than 30 years, a power Congress has under the Constitution.

Republicans said Democrats, including President Biden, were forced to accept the resolution because the reality of soaring crime in the nation’s capital can’t be ignored.

Earlier this week the White House was asked how Joe Biden can still support DC statehood even with the far-left legislation.

Karine Jean-Pierre made no sense whatsoever as she tried to explain why Biden supports DC statehood while simultaneously supporting Congress’ decision to shoot down the legislation.

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