Joe Rogan Says Roles Have Reversed – Left Used to be About Freedom, Now Free Expression is on the Right (VIDEO)

During a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan claimed that the left used to be about freedom but that now it is the right that supports free expression.

He pointed specifically to the right to free speech and complained that the left used to support it but now is more interested in shutting people down.

Anyone who pays attention to news on college campuses today knows this is true.

FOX News reports:

Joe Rogan: Left ‘used to be about freedom,’ now ‘roles reversed’ and free-thinking comes from the right

World-famous podcaster Joe Rogan observed on Wednesday that while both sides of politics can be closed-minded, modern conservatives are more willing to allow freedom of speech.

Rogan has risen to fame and popularity with people on both sides of the aisle largely because of his willingness to have honest, freeform conversations with anyone. He’s also a staunch advocate for the freedoms of expression and debate and has noticed the rise of unusual political bedfellows as society is besieged by cancel culture.

“Regular people get caught up in mind viruses,” Rogan said to Malice. “Like, we always want to look at people in a cult and go, ‘Wow, that would never be me, I’m too smart for that. These f***ing morons, why do they believe that guy?’ We’re all susceptible, all of us are!”

Rogan and Malice talked about how modern society and social media allow people to disregard other people’s opinions if they don’t agree on a checklist of controversial issues. While the host noted that conservatives are not immune to this, he claimed they have taken up the mantle of at least allowing their opposition to speak, unlike the modern left.

“So, when I was a kid, the left was all about freedom of speech and freedom of expression – if you were like a person who never vaccinated your children you would be much more likely to be on the left, you were someone who didn’t trust pharmaceutical companies,” Rogan recalled as an example.

Watch the video below:

Society has shifted in other ways, too. The left used to be against war. Now they’re all cheering for the war in Ukraine.


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