Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump “the Former President and Maybe the Future President”- Botches Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Name as Well (VIDEO)

Joe Biden spoke in Philadelphia today regarding his plans to enact his plan to enact a $5.5 trillion tax hike on working families.

His budget would also spend $2.2 trillion over the next decade, pushing America ever closer to full blown socialism.

Biden also told another big lie, claiming Republicans want to defund the police. Democrats of course are the ones who want to do so.

While speaking he had another major gaffe. He called Donald Trump “the former President and maybe the future President.

Or maybe he was just acknowledging reality?


He also mispronounced Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s name during his embarrassing speech.

But don’t worry, Biden’s physician assures us he is “fit for duty.” Yet he will not take a cognitive assessment test.

We all know the results would show he is shot mentally.


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