January 6 “Insurrection” versus Georgia’s Recent Political Upheaval

The Georgia in my title is the nation of Georgia, which is located on the border of Russia. Got it? No need to post Ray Charles singing, “Georgia.”

This has been a fascinating week in Washington for mega-hypocrisy. I have written previously about the Biden team lecturing and warning China against arming Russia while the United States is sending weapons to Ukraine and Taiwan. Granted. That is the mother of all hypocrisy.

But second place goes to the Biden Administration’s feverish support of foreign intervention in the affairs of Georgia, all in the name of “democracy”, and endorsing attacks by mobs paid for by foreign intelligence organizations on Georgian police while calling for Tucker Carlson to be censored because he exposed the lies about the so-called insurrection of January 6.

Tucker single-handedly had the Democrat/Republican establishment flailing for the fainting couch because he obliterated the January 6 “insurrection” meme by posting previously hidden video footage. Instead of Trump crazed fiends rampaging through the Capitol wantonly killing every Capitol Hill cop they could find, the newly released video shows tranquil, patriotic folks walking within the ropes and not attack police. Oh the horror!

Well, kudos to “SteveVoiceOver” who has produced devastating satire that exposes the Democrat and establishment Republican cliques efforts to tarnish Trump supporters as violent extremists. Enjoy.

So what the hell does this have to do with Georgia, Russia’s neighbor? The legislature of Georgia recently approved legislation requiring organizations in Georgia receiving at least 20% of their funding from foreign sources to register with the Georgian Government. The Foreign Agent Registration Act in the United States is more stringent that the new law proposed in Georgia.

Guess what happened? Protests in Georgia, funded by foreign organizations (which likely include the CIA and British MI6) exploded in the streets of Tblisi, and the U.S. State Department spokesman, Ned Price, insisted the Capitol Hill Police, oops, I mean the Georgian Police were over reacting to peaceful protests. Judge for yourself:

Here is the video and transcript from Ned Price’s daily brief on 7 March (the discussion of Georgia starts around the 3 minute mark):

QUESTION — About Georgia have you been following the situation in Felicia Georgia since morning there were clashes between the protesters and the police and they were clearly an excessive use of military I’m sorry the um law enforcement power?

NED PRICE — um and this is over the you know Kremlin inspired legislation that we do and talked extensively in the last few weeks so what what are you learning about that we’ve been closely following developments in Georgia.

In recent hours we’ve seen the reports that are emanating from to be Tibilisi we’ve seen reports that protesters have been met with tear gas with other efforts to repress and suppress the protest against this draft so-called foreign agents legislation.

Our message to the people of Georgia to the government of Georgia to people and governments around the world is that the United States stands with all of those who are peacefully exercising what is a unit Universal right it is a universal right to people around the world to assemble to have their voices heard to speak freely to hold their own governments accountable.

We are going to continue to monitor the situation on the grounds in Georgia but our message is that peaceful protesters should be allowed to exercise that right peacefully that is a right that is available to people in Georgia.

It is a right that is available to people in every country around the world and very lastly today’s latest statement by the embassy of the U.S and Georgia starts with the sentence today is a dark day for Jewell Justice democracy and the entire text is the harshest that I’ve ever seen you know throughout the 30 plus years of diplomatic relations.

So just give me a general sense of the what is the feeling at the state department between diplomats when they are looking at those you know human rights records rule of law the freedom of speech and detrimental effect it has towards euro-atlantic integration. How much will the U.S foreign policy and the you know foreign aid and all of that will change if that trajectory will be continued by the Georgian government and which is moving the country towards Russia?

You asked about the feeling here the feeling here is one of deep concern you have heard us express that sentiment consistently in recent days. It is a feeling of deep concern because of the potential implications of this draft law this draft law would strike at some of the very rights that are Central to the aspirations of the people of Georgia for a Consolidated democracy, for euro-atlantic integration and for a brighter future.

It would stigmatize and silence independent voices and citizens citizens of Georgia who wish to do nothing more more than work together to build a brighter future a future that is integrated with Europe. A future that is democratic and free where Georgia is an independent and sovereign country.

We’re so deeply concerned and troubled of course for what this could mean for the people of Georgia but also because the United States has been a partner to Georgia over the course of recent decades ever since Georgia declared its independence. The United States has been right there with it supporting the aspirations of the Georgian people and at the earliest days of Georgia’s Independence those aspirations were Nations they were nothing more than an idea.

In some cases over the course of in swimming decades the people of Georgia have worked to realize those aspirations they have made tremendous progress in becoming the Democracy that they sought from those earliest days in integrating Georgia uh into the euro-atlantic community and ensuring that Georgia stays on that path.

Now however we see a draft piece of legislation that would be a tremendous setback, this would be a setback to the aspirations of the people of Georgia, it would be a setback to the ability of the United States to continue to be a partner for the people of Georgia.

I made this point yesterday I think it was but anyone who is voting for this draft legislation would be responsible in part for jeopardizing those very euro-atlantic aspirations of the Georgian people. We don’t wish to see that happen beyond the United States it is the EU the U.N of course most importantly the George people Georgian Civil Society groups all of them have issued strong statements of concern about this draft legislation.

What a load of crap!! Price regularly soils himself over claims that Russia is illegally “interfering” in the internal affairs of the United States, but insists that foreign countries have a fundamental right to poke their imperialist noses into Georgia’s internal affairs. The Russians and Chinese are not stupid. They see this rank hypocrisy by Biden’s America and realize the United States is untrustworthy and a malevolent threat. The United States will continue to play this dangerous game of trying to create foreign slave states until it is forced to stop meddling.


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