“It’s Constant, Constant Bogus Investigations. They Ignore the Biden Family Being Clearly on the Chinese Payroll…These are Marxists.  They hate America.” – Attorney Mike Davis Unwinds the Current Bogus Investigations

Attorney Mike Davis is on top of the bogus charges against President Trump. 

Attorney Mike Davis worked under Justice Gorsuch and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley at different times in his career.  He knows the law.

Attorney Davis has been all over the unlawful, unnecessary, and unprecedented raid of President Trump’s iconic home, Mar-a-Lago, by the corrupt Biden DOJ.

Davis shared the truth behind the illegal raid in August 2022, shortly after it occurred.  President Trump has the Presidential Records Act that he complied with and did nothing wrong with the documents he brought from the White House with him to Mar-a-Lago.

(This however is not true about the top secret classified documents that Senator and VP Joe Biden had in his possession in various locations that were stolen from the government when he didn’t have the Presidential Records Act in his back pocket.)

“She’s Corrupt! She’s Out of Control!” – Tucker Carlson Calls for Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson to be Impeached (VIDEO)

This past week Davis discussed the bogus cases the DOJ is using to go after President Trump.

He first discussed the bogus NY Soros-backed corrupt DA Alvin Bragg non-crime.  It’s a total joke and at best would be a bookkeeping error that is never prosecuted that is outside the two-year statute of limitations.

Davis said the bogus NY investigation is going to be detrimental to the bogus investigation in Georgia and the bogus Mar-a-Lago investigation by Jack Smith.

All three of these investigations are bogus but this Alvin Bragg investigation is the most bogus.  His own office the Manhattan DA’s office and declined to prosecute this, so did the Manhattan US Attorney’s office.  

Bannon said “there is something deeply sick about it” (these efforts to get President Trump).  They are after him like “a pack of jackals”.  Davis responded:

We’ve seen this since before he was elected, Russia, Russia, Russia.  They’ve impeached him twice.  It’s constant, canstant bogus investigations.  They ignore the Biden family being clearly on the Chinese payroll.  That’s indesputable now that there were payments to the CCP to the Biden family, over a million dollars…

This is not our parents or grandparents Democrat party.  These are not liberals who love America and just disagree with conservatives on the best way to get there.  These are leftists.  These are Marxists.  They hate America.  They hate due process… They hate equality, they believe in equity. They hate free speech, they believe in censorship.

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