IT WAS A SETUP: NEW REPORT Reveals NUMEROUS Undercover DC Police Infiltrating Trump J-6 Crowd – Urging Them to Move to The Capitol and Climb Scaffolding #FedSurrection


More DC Operatives working the J6 Crowd:
Via NOVA Campaigns.
1. Body cam wearer / blue bracelet
2. PB orange hat wearer / snow pants
3. Blue North Face Jacket & jeans
4. Bicycle rider

NOVA Campaigns published new video and photos of government informants inside the Trump crowds on January 6. The operatives were directed crowds to climb the US Capitol scaffolding and to move to the US Capitol.

This is just more evidence that the entire operation was planned, paid for, instigated and carried out by the US government, FBI, DC Police, and NYC police.
The entire riot was orchestrated and carried out by government operatives.

Their evil is being exposed.

DC Metro performed illegal acts:
— Crossed restricted lines
-= Encouraged crowd to go into Capitol grounds, climb scaffolding
— Solicited help to climb scaffolding
— Joined crowd in cheers to rush Capitol

Via NOVA Campaigns.

The orange hats were feds and/or DC cops. The blue bands were feds and/or DC cops.

This was the greatest crime against the American people since the Tuskeegee syphilis experiments.

This should make every honest American’s blood boil.


HUGE! Revolver News Breaks Report on Likely Deep State Plants Inside Jan. 6 Uprising — WAS IT ALL PLANNED?

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