Israel Government Reportedly Agrees to Delay Controversial Judicial Overhaul After “Historic” General Strike and Violent Protests

A prominent coalition partner in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government says the nation’s plans to overhaul Israel’s’ judiciary have been delayed following nationwide protests and a major union strike.

NBC News reported that Netanyahu agreed with one of his hard-right coalition partners, Itamar Ben-Gvir, that the judiciary overhaul bill would be given an extension until the Knesset’s summer parliament session which starts on April 30.

A National Guard will be set up under Ben-Gvir’s Ministry of National Security as part of the accord.

The news of a delay follows nationwide strikes which have caused Israel’s economy to grind to a halt. Israel’s largest trade union announced the strikes in response to Netanyahu’s decision to fire Defense Minister Yoav Gallant Sunday night for opposing his judicial plans.

These strikes halted everything from medical services to flights to meals served at fast food restaurants.

Tens of thousands of people also stormed the streets across in fury over Netanyahu’s decision to sack his defense chief. According to the Associated Press, the protesters lit bonfires on Tel Aviv’s primary highway, closing the thoroughfare, and many others throughout the country for several hours.

Protesters even broke barricades to the prime minister’s home. Some clashed with police outside Netanyahu’s residence.

As reported by CNN, the judicial overhaul in question is a package of bills, which all need to pass three votes in the Knesset before they become law. The bill that has arguably caused the most fury is one that concerns the nine-member committee that selects judges. Netanyahu’s government has proposed altering the makeup of the committee and rules in order to block the judges from having a final say on who can join their cabal.  Leftists argue against this new proposed rule by Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed the changes with Piers Morgan this weekend.

Another bill contains an “override clause” which will allow the Israeli parliament to pass laws the Israeli Supreme Court previously ruled unconstitutional. Should this bill be enshrined into law, the government theoretically could override judicial decisions issued by the Court.

Netanyahu’s government and his supporters argue that the Supreme Court has overstepped its bounds for years and does not represent the values of Israeli citizens.

Critics, however, say the overhaul will damage Israeli democracy by destroying the independence of the judiciary. They further claim that rights currently not enshrined within Israel’s basic laws, such as minority rights and freedom of expression, will be curtailed.

Protesters are also angry over an “unfit for office” bill making it more difficult to remove the Prime Minister from power. The bill, which passed last Thursday, allows for removal only in cases physical or mental incapacity and requires a two-thirds vote.

They argue Netanyahu pushed this law through because of his ongoing corruption trail, potentially allowing him to remain in office even if convicted.

Netanyahu has been a target of the left in Israel and the Obama regime in the US for several years.  Netanyahu puts Israel first.  This offends the globalist left.


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