“Is This You?” – RINO Adam Kinzinger Receives Brutal Reminder About Pro-Gun Past After Getting Triggered by Conservatives Supporting 2nd Amendment

Democrats and their corporate media allies have consistently blamed conservatives for the Covenant School shooting in Nashville on Monday.

They want to detract from the fact the shooting was carried out by a mentally ill transgender terrorist so they can push gun confiscation.

Former Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger decided to get in on the smears against conservatives and act as the left’s useful idiot again. He noticed a tweet from a liberal podcaster named Brian Tyler Cohen implying Rep. George Santos (R-NY) and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) contributed to the Nashville shooting because they were wearing AR-15 pins. (h/t Twitchy)

Kinzinger got mad and responded: “the flaunting of guns and the gun fetish really bother me.”

But an anonymous Twitter user dug up an old photo of Kinzinger that would make Ted Nugent beam with pride. In the picture, Kinzinger is literally holding a so-called “assault weapon” with one of his friends (Kinzinger is on the left).

Lest one think the image is photoshopped, Kinzinger still has the tweet posted.

The tweet was not just a mere photo-op by Kinzinger to impress his conservative constituents. Kinzinger used to be a true champion of the 2nd Amendment, having once earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association.

Then he reversed course and called the NRA a “grifting scam” right before leaving Congress.

Kinzinger acknowledged that he was in the photo. But Kinzinger became defensive and called the anonymous Twitter user a “clown” for pointing out his flip-flop.

The former congressman also flaunted his military service in an attempt to show superiority.

Conservative Twitter users were less than impressed with Kinzinger’s lame about-face on guns and his childish behavior.

The most likely reason Kinzinger sold out had to with him receiving a job at far-left CNN. The only Republicans welcome there are RINOS.

But perhaps there is an additional reason for Kinzinger’s recent embrace of gun control. He somehow forgot how to properly possess a firearm.

Maybe advocating for gun control is his way of trying to save him from harming others and himself.

America is certainly safer without Kinzinger in Congress and operating firearms.


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