Is Miserable Michelle The Reason Barack Obama Isn’t Wearing Wedding Ring He Used To Wear While President?

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Barack Obama, the man who loves to receive glowing coverage by his friends in the mainstream media, has been keeping an unusually low profile. The man who many believe is really behind the radical decisions made by Joe Biden and his incompetent regime hasn’t been seen in public with his wife Michelle for more than five months. But yesterday, the former first couple(?) was captured by photographers as they exited the uber-exclusive restaurant, “The Bathers’ Pavilion,” that’s located on the coastline of the Sydney Harbor in Sydney, Australia.

Michelle, ever the charmer, wore her happy face…

…while Barack smiled and waved at the cameras.

All the while, Barack was keeping his left hand (his ring finger) in his pants pocket while he walked to their vehicle.

Barack has always been able to do a better job of hiding his disdain for others better than Michelle, who only seems to be able to turn on the “Nice Michelle” act when she’s promoting a book or podcast.

In her latest book and during her new podcast, Michelle revealed the difficulties she and Obama faced in their marriage while living in the White House, or as Michelle likes to say, “a house that was built by slaves.”

Late last year, the 59-year-old oppressed Michelle Obama made waves during an interview in which she admitted she “couldn’t stand” her husband for nearly ten years.

Michelle, who rarely posts photos of the couple together on her Instagram account, posted an image on Valentine’s Day that caught our eye. The reason it caught our eye is because Barack wasn’t wearing a wedding ring in the photo.

So we decided to do some digging…

We looked back on Michelle’s Instagram account, and the last time we could find a photo of Barack wearing a wedding ring was on November 25, 2021.

When Barack Obama was in office for eight years, he could be seen wearing a wedding ring in almost every situation, including while he swam, played basketball, or even when he went for bike rides wearing his mommy jeans.

He played basketball while wearing a wedding ring:

He wore his wedding ring while riding a bike.

Here is Barack Obama after playing a game of basketball—and, you guessed it, he’s wearing his wedding ring.

He wore his wedding ring while swimming in Hawaii, where he spent much of his presidency.

And here he is again, shooting hoops while wearing his wedding ring.

Even after leaving the White House, Barack Obama was seen wearing his wedding ring.

And in photo after photo of Barack Obama signing executive orders or radical legislation while he was the 44th President, he can be seen wearing a wedding ring.

But in his most recent photos, including photos from yesterday, Barack Obama is not wearing a wedding ring—Why?

Here’s Barack on Michelle Obama’s Instagram account in April 2022 (over 13 months ago)—no wedding ring:

Here are climate activists Barack and Michelle Obama deplaning from a private jet in Sydney, Australia.

Almost immediately after finishing dinner at the exclusive Syndey restaurant, Barack and Michelle left Sydney; the climate alarmist hypocrites then took about a  25-minute jet ride down to Melbourne for Barack’s final appearance at the John Cain Arena on Wednesday.

Barack is not wearing a wedding ring, although Michelle, who is using her husband’s status as a former president to promote her book and podcast, is wearing her wedding ring.

Here’s a photo of Barack standing alongside Sydney’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese during his speaking tour and smiling while holding an umbrella with his left hand—no wedding ring.

Is he smiling so big because it’s raining or because Michelle is nowhere to be seen?


In 2015, the Washington Free Beacon also questioned why Barack wasn’t wearing a ring. Could this have been around the time when Michelle admits she “couldn’t stand” him?

From the Washington Free Beacon’s August 2015 report – President Barack Obama’s wedding ring was “noticeably missing” from his left hand on Sunday, according to a White House pool report.

Obama, who was at Camp David in Maryland on Sunday, arrived back at the White House and was photographed by the Associated Press without a ring on his hand. He was playing golf earlier in the day to celebrate his birthday, which comes this Tuesday.

Obama’s ring, however, was off his finger long before he stepped on the course. He was photographed on Friday signing highway funding legislation and was not wearing his ring.

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

This is not the first time this year that Obama has decided to shed his ring. Last March, he spent nearly an entire week with no ring on his left hand.

Meanwhile, first lady Michelle Obama has spent much of her summer away from the White House. She took her daughters on a trip to Europe in June, and she spent last week in Palm Springs. She was in California to attend the Special Olympics but made an excursion out to the Coachella Valley and appears to have stayed at Rancho Mirage, where she and her husband have stayed together in the past.

When President Obama traveled to Palm Springs earlier in the summer, he was not joined by Michelle and the rest of the family.

Again in 2018, the narcissistic former president was seen not wearing a ring in an interview as he explained how he’s doing a better job than most people around him.

Is it some kind of a game Barack plays—no wedding ring for extended periods of time—or is it possible the marriage between Barack and Michelle is simply a relationship of convenience to help Michelle promote her books and podcast and the whole happy marriage thing is a sham?


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