Illinois Launches African Descent-Citizens Reparations Commission Website



The lunatics running Illinois into the ground are taking another step toward the destruction of the state.  The African Descent-Citizens Reparations Commission (ADCRC) was established a few years ago to bring “equity focus on African American communities and residents that have been disproportionally impacted by longstanding disinvestment due to direct and systemic repercussions of slavery.”

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) has now announced that a new website for the ADCRC has been launched.

Illinois is one of several areas looking into reparations including  California  and Massachusetts. 

While the virtue signaling is grand, the economic details of how this would actually be accomplished are few and far between.

The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila pointed out in her article on California’s reparations committee that their proposal would cost the taxpayers an eyepopping $559 billion. The current California state budget is $308 billion.

According to the ADCRC website:

The African Descent-Citizens Reparations Commission (ADCRC), authorized by 20 ILCS 405/405-540 and is charged with surveying the State procurement process to make recommendations, hold meetings, provide reports and discuss and perform actions concerning:

  • Preservation of African American neighborhoods and communities
  • Building and developing vocational centers for People of African Descent-Citizens
  • Ensuring proportional economic representation in all State contracts
  • Creation and enforcement of an Illinois Slavery Era Disclosure Bill

“The Commission shall develop and implement measures to ensure equity, equality, and parity for African American descendants of slavery; hold hearings to discuss the implementation of those measures; educate the public on reparations for African American descendants of slavery; report to the General Assembly information and findings regarding the work of the Commission; discuss and perform actions regarding preservation of African American neighborhoods, building and development of a Vocational Training Center for People of African Descent-Citizens, ensuring proportional representation in all State contracts, and creation and enforcement of an Illinois Slavery Era Disclosure Bill.”

A press release from the commission announces,  “A critical first step in the work of the ADCRC is collaborative public engagement which includes both educating and hearing from the public concerning the ongoing impacts of slavery, along with the need to employ reparative justice strategies for American Descendants of Slavery,” said Marvin Slaughter, ADCRC Chair, “The Commission will be taking a holistic approach to gain knowledge to inform our task of making recommendations that address disparities present in our community as a result of slavery and its vestiges.”

“I am looking forward to the engaging and innovative work that will be done by the Commission to help remedy long standing inequities in black communities across the state,” said ADCRC Commissioner and State Representative Sonya Harper (D-Chicago), “I encourage residents to follow along to learn and provide feedback as we figure out what reparations for descendants of slavery looks like in Illinois.”

“The ADCRC is actively seeking engagement throughout all areas of the State of Illinois and looking to expand. Illinois residents with education or background in reparations work, particularly African American descendants of slavery, are encouraged to apply for consideration to serve on the ADCRC, as resident voices play a vital role in promoting efficient, effective, and honest government.”



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